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She was like fire whiskey burning hot on his lips, making the world spin around him like smooth jazz.

Dirty Blood | Draco Malfoy |°1°

You moved your gaze from the window, the moving scenery outside the train no longer feeling entertaining enough.

You sighed in somewhat subtle annoyance and looked around the Slytherin compartment briefly before deciding to stretch your feet a bit.

You got up, the three other Slytherin students shifting to make way for you to pass, then headed for the exit in search of that trolley lady. A snack or two was sure to make you feel better.

You were nearly out the door when one of the girls in a nearby compartment stuck her foot out in the last second, causing you to trip over it.

You stumbled forward towards the exit before colliding with another person head-on.

Draco had just slid the door open when you'd crashed into him, making both of you stumble outside of the compartment.

His hands moved on instinct to grip your shoulders in order to steady you, yet once you raised your head and he realized who you are, he immediately released you, and rather harshly at that.

'' Bloody Hell watch where you're going!

'' he jerked back '' As if it's not enough that I have to put up with that dreadful mudblood stench of yours through-out the entire trip,

now I have to get this suit burned too because of your disgusting germs covering it! ''

You blinked, unimpressed.

The human body has 7 trillion nerves, as far as you knew, yet somehow Draco managed to get on every single fucking one of them when it came to his interaction with you.

In your earlier years at Hogwarts, you'd been one of his main victims, and though nowadays he didn't seem to prioritize tormenting you as much,

he still found the time of day specifically to tickle those 7 trillion nerves. One. By. Bloody. One.

For such a high struck asshole,

you'd think he has better things to do with his free time than go out of his way to bother paying so much excessive attention to people who were supposed to be '' under his level ''.

You regained your balance and crossed your arms over your chest '' Is that all you could come up with?

'' you raised a brow, unimpressed '' If anything, it's your heinous cologne that's plaguing the entire compartment.

Merlin, even Finnegan's exploded potions have a more decent scent, Your Highness. '' a lie, true, but a much-needed one.

'' Once again, you prove what poor taste you have.

'' the blonde tilted his chin up as he tucked his hands in his pockets, towering over you in all his villainous glamour '' But what else can I expect from an average class mudblood like you.

At least be thankful your 2nd hand robes will smell way better now, thanks to my cologne. Might even cover up that non-magical stench of yours. ''

Asshole. You actually ran into him again on your way out of getting your robes fixed, and yet he had the audacity of claiming they were second hand.

'' Look, Your Highness,

'' you sighed as if tired of this talk already '' I'm truly sorry your friends are so boring and that you have so very little imagination that you have to resort to talking to me

to entertain yourself, but I really don't have the strength to pretend I'm enjoying your presence any longer,'' you noted,

then made to brush past him to continue on your search for the trolley cart.

'' Who needs to pretend for that? '' he called after you with a scoff.

'' Every goddamn royal ass-licker in this compartment, obviously.

'' you raised a brow back at him as you tossed him a look over your shoulder, then walked away, shutting the door behind you and thus cutting him off from making any comments.

Truth be told you used to get really affected by Draco and his goons' bullying, and you couldn't control the emotions that came pouring out of you.

However, over time you learned that the best thing you could actually do is not buy all of their crap, or they would keep selling it.

Sadly, even them just knowing your blood status was making you an attractive target, but adding that you got sorted Slytherin,

where only pure-bloods were supposed to go and boil in their own self-hatred, it was like you were constantly wearing a ' kick me ' sign on your back.

You couldn't exactly block or fully dodge Draco's bullying, but at the very least you could try to get on his 7 trillion nerves in return. You know, just to be even.

One such way, you discovered, was to consistently call him 'Your Highness'.

You'd think he'd enjoy that, but surprisingly enough, even if he tried to keep a straight face, you could see the annoyance written all over it.

The trolley lady smiled at you as she handed you a bag filled with several small boxes containing your treats, retrieving the money you gave her. '' Here you go dear. Enjoy. ''

'' Thank you ma'am. '' you smiled back and turned around on your heel to head back to the Slytherin compartment, only to find your way blocked once again.

Your eyes travelled up the black robes all the way to his displeased expression, frowning yourself '' Care to move out of my way Your Highness? '' you raised a brow at Malfoy.

Ouf, him again.

'' Swearing is unbecoming you know. Not that I expected any more class from the likes of you. '' Draco noted and moved past you, fishing out his money from his pocket '' One Chocolate Frog. ''

'' Oh I'm sorry dear, '' the trolley lady gave Draco an apologetic look before nodding your way '' That girl over there just took the last few, I'm afraid. ''

He sighed in displeasure and turned towards you '' Give them to me. '' he demanded, rather than asked, making you scowl in annoyance.

'' I'm not one of your subjects I'm afraid, I don't take orders from you, Your Highness. '' you shot back, however you tilted your chin up afterwards '' But I do take a good bargain.

I'll give you half if you buy them from me. ''

'' Pfft, like I'd sink that low for a mere Chocolate Frog. '' Draco crossed his arms over his chest, looking down on you proudly. You shrugged, unimpressed, then flashed your brows up.

'' I've been travelling in the same compartment as you for the past three years, as well as shared a table and a dorm,

do you seriously think I haven't learned by now what an absolute whore you are for these particular treats?

'' you mocked him with a light smirk '' Your mom sends them by the dozen with every other maildrop, it literally can't be more obvious. ''

Draco's eyes squinted at you in an irritated glare, an almost undetectable growl leaving his throat. '' Fine. ''

'' Cool. '' you flashed your brows up again with a smile '' Triple price, each. ''

'' Yeah yeah, whatever, get yourself some pocket money, I know mommy and daddy are probably not giving you any anyway. '' the blonde rolled his eyes and nearly shoved the money in your hand.

You kept smiling at him, handing him over the promised snack.

'' I'm touched, didn't think you cared, Your Highness. ''

Draco rolled his eyes with a sigh and stalked away towards the compartment, while you tucked away his money.

You didn't really want to be back with all them Slytherin blood-suckers so soon, so instead of heading back after the boy, you slid the closest 2nd class door open and popped your head inside.

'' Hey, room for one more? '' you asked politely, even though there were only two people sitting inside.

You recognized the duo of ginger-heads quickly, being quite aware of the infamous Weasley Twins, as you really didn't have to be a Gryffindor to know who they were.

One of them sat next to the window on your right, while the other one was leaning against the glass on your left.

Understandably, they reacted somewhat unwelcoming at the sight of green and silver around your neck.'' Asks who? '' one of them spoke up with a judgemental look over his face.

'' Oh, I'm (Y/n)(L/n), it's nice to meet you. '' you introduced yourself politely, despite their reaction.

You were used to it by now - everybody reacted wearily towards the fact you were a Slytherin, but you always managed to convince them you weren't a harpy as most Slytherins were.

The two exchanged a look. '' Aren't you from the first-class compartment? What are you doing here? ''

'' My, Freddy, you're so grim.

'' the other one spoke jokingly with an easy-going smile '' You know that place is filled with bats and cobras, she's probably looking for some nicer, less stick-up-the-but company,

ain't that right love? ''

You were pleasantly surprised one of them was more approachable, meaning you wouldn't have to go back so soon.

'' Yes, it's Hell back there, everyone smells of weird, over-priced perfumes, all they seem to talk about is themselves and I finished my book so I don't have any means to ignore them anymore.

'' you explained with an exhausted expression, then put your hands together in front of you in prayer '' Please, please, please let me stay. ''

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