My Kingdom
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mipoet Insomniac
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The mountain stands above, stark against the blue sky.

My Kingdom

The mountain stands above,

stark against the blue sky.

Others all around.

Green trees cover them,

but on this one a brown stripe.

The scar from the fire.

The air is warm, but cooling.

The yard is lush and green.

Soon it will be night.

Birds are out, singing.

Chickens forage in the grasses.

A hose is left running.

The dog plays in the water.

A cat sits, watching the hens.

Not hunting, just observing.

Peace here between beasts.

I turn off the hose, then turn.

Inside, followed by the dog,

greeted by my sons,

I see a big fish tank,

with a large fish swimming,

and a smaller fish bowl,

with little frogs playing.

On the cat tree another feline.

Asleep curled in a ball,

but for a lone leg sticking out,

hanging from the perch.

My kingdom may be small,

man, and family, and beasts.

But right now, it is at peace.

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