Can We Just Agree?
Can We Just Agree? comedy stories

mipoet Insomniac
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Our world is so divided. Politics, religion, race.

Can We Just Agree?

Our world is so divided.

Politics, religion, race.

But instead we can be united,

even if just by one thing.

So please hear my call,

I intend it to be for all.

A simple thing,

to make the world better.

Something on which,

we should all agree.

Let’s just stop,

smashing words together.

It’s not clever.

It doesn’t win your argument.

Every group does it,

some more than others.

But I’m not here,

to focus on any one.

It’s just that ever since Bennifer,

it hasn’t been original or fun.

Don’t feel bad,

if you’ve done it before,

lets just band together,

and say no more.

No more republicons or libtards.

No Hitlery or Drump.

Besides, we’re adults,

we shouldn’t be calling names.

And let’s be honest.

That’s usually what it’s used for.

Remember when both,

republican and democrat,

saw each other as American.

Let’s be Amerepublicrats!

And lets let,

the good folks who make dictionaries,

make up the words.

Now are you with me?

Together we can make the world,


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