A Violent Death
A Violent Death thriller stories

mipoet Insomniac
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A short thriller.

A Violent Death

She was running for her life. The beast in tow. How close was it? She dared not look. It was dark, nothing but trees. Tree after tree. Deep in the alaskan wilderness.

What was that thing? Henry was dead for sure. She’d seen it eating his insides. Then it turned to her, a bloody snout snarling and snapping. It had looked like a wolf, but taller.

It was using its front claws like hands. She ran.

She could still hear the snarling close behind as she zig zagged pines. A camping trip gone to hell. Then came the howl in front of her and her heart dropped.

Suddenly, she looked around, wolves stepped out of the bushes. Dozens of wolves, all around.

Turning back she saw the beast. It was bigger than a wolf, but not less hairy. With yellow eyes that reflected the moonlight, and a muscular build that was visible through it bloody fur coat.

It looked as though it might pause, and for a moment she hoped. But it was a false hope. For the beast lunged forward. With nowhere to run she stood, paralyzed by fear, as it reached her.

It’s snout found its way to her neck. Already bloody teeth tore into her flesh. Blood sprayed forth.

The pain was excruciating. Her body in shock, she stood there, almost numb. Numb to the horror of her violent death. She realized that she’d been screaming. Then, the world faded to blackness.

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