The Witch’s Warning
          The Witch’s Warning

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midnightmoon294 Christian Gal✝️ *Not very active*
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A collaboration of dark fantasy tales by @midnightmoon294 & @anuponymous
“The Witch’s Warning” written by @midnightmoon294
“Beast Within” written by @anuponymous

The Witch’s Warning

She craved beauty all for her own Her selfish heart could not be tamed A jealous heart fashioned from stone She could never keep restrained

To the dark witch she ran Her wish to come true, according to plan Though warned by the witch of consequences to bear She chose not to hear Sold her soul for the promise of beauty everlasting

Her loveliness over all surpassing Yet she remained unsatisfied The laws of nature she’d tried to defy She began to feel guilt inside From the world she decided to hide

Moon’s glow stalking every step Eerie ivory beams illuminating her path as she fled Swiftly rushing across the rosebed Crushing thorny wilted buds dead Never flinching as her bare feet bled

The black sky swallowed her soul Her body and mind it also stole Alone among stars, to dust transforming For such is the fate of those who choose not to heed...

T h e w i t c h ’ s w a r n i n g.

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