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midnightmoon294 Christian Gal✝️ *Not very active*
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Thanks to these special people! Follow them all if you don’t already. They are some of the best people on here!💖

For Some Special People On Commaful

No poem today, I just wanted to make this post for some amazing people who hold special places in my heart!

@lochness8 @staar You guys have been with me since day one. Y’all were my first followers. Y’all have been super sweet & have continued to show me support. I enjoy both of your posts so much & consider y’all two of my best online friends. Thanks for putting up with me all this time!🤗🤗

@caldafox @rlh @football_girl You guys are always fun & bring joy into my life. A couple of you have said that I am a blessing in your life & that makes me happier than you’ll ever know! I feel the same about all of you. You are all so sweet & amazing!🤗🤗🤗

@inspartion You’ve been an amazing supporter for awhile now & I appreciate you so much! I wish I could get to know you better because you are amazing & have such a beautiful heart!🤗

@mistexplorer74 You’re my favorite person to pm! I know I can always count on you to make me laugh & we can talk about pretty much anything! I can really be myself around you, so thanks for putting up with my weird self.🤗

@helensink @orcastogether I don’t know y’all super well, but I absolutely love your work! Your words just flow so beautifully & I’m so happy when I see a new post from either of you! Both of y’all are a great source of inspiration for me! Keep up the incredible work!🤗🤗

@anuponymous You are without a doubt, my favorite Commaful writer. Your works transports me into another world & I aspire to one day write like you. Your comments are always so sweet; I always look forward to them! Your constant support means the world to me!🤗

@shadowdream I may go as far as to say that you are the kindest person I know on here. You have a heart of gold & you’re always spreading positivity & kindness. You understand that Commaful is a place where we work together & encourage each other. You make us feel like family.🤗

You all have made me feel so appreciated! You’ve encouraged & inspired me in so many ways! When I started, I thought I’d get 5-10 likes per post. I never would’ve thought I’d end up with 265 followers & supporters as amazing as y’all. Sorry if this post is a little corny, but it was hard to express the deep gratitude I feel towards each of you.

Thank you for everything my amazing Stardrops! I hope we all continue to stick together throughout our Commaful journey. I love you all!

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