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"(VERSE 1) Son, what can I tell you about this world?


"(VERSE 1)

Son, what can I tell you about this world?

Its terms are hot, but its touch is cold.

You fall down a lot, to learn untold.

Many think that all can be bought and sold.

And I don't want to believe that, but it seems to be true.

When money is gone, love seems to fade, too.

I heard some women can love you for you,

but I guess that's kind of love I never knew.

There are a lot of things I do not know,

but I don't want to. Knowledge just makes my pain grow.

Knowledge of hate I should let go,

knowledge of tears I just don't show.

That is why I get drunk and high.

Not to get by, and not to survive,

but just to prolong. Although, I don't know why.

Peace doesn't live anymore on my mind.

Joy is a stranger to my chest.

Unfortunately, I'm not afraid to die.

I don't want my future repeat my past.


Here is what I say to my unborn son...

you are not here, and I'll tell you why.

There isn't enough love under this sun.

And I couldn't stand to see another man cry.

I cannot protect you from all the bad,

and you don't want to have what I had.

So for now, you just stay in heaven's space.

Watch me and learn, while I struggle in this crazy place.


I don't call women bitches, just encourages them to be one.

It's against my wishes, but I never had my heart won.

Saying they should be treated better, calling for respect.

But when it's all about money, it's hard to give them that.

And I'm not saying I'm any better.

I'm probably the worst, and that's the matter.

An outcast scholar, a conscientious conman,

whatever I would take, I would give right back, then.

I never gave up, I never ran

from anything, tried everything.

But this game I could never stand.

Money is religion, and in green we trust.

Respect is bought, and the trophy is lust.

I'm not bitter because I lost.

I know I'll get my, patience is a must.

I just want to know where are those I used to trust?

Where is love that I lived for?

Why did she leave and closed the door?

Suddenly, she cared for me no more.

Was it me, or because I had no dough?

So tell me son...... what you want to live for...?


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