Like Bizzy (If I Could Flow...)
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"(CHORUS) If I could be like bizzy... bizzy... bizzy...

Like Bizzy (If I Could Flow...)


If I could be like bizzy... bizzy... bizzy...

I would flow so easy... easy... easy...

If I could be like bizzy... bizzy... bizzy...

I would flow so easy... easy... easy...

If I could be like bizzy... bizzy... bizzy...


We'd get to toking, toking,

till we start choking, choking.

Then, we'll be talking, talking.

I would tell you that I've done the walking,

but I've been lurking, and my thoughts remain unspoken.

My tongue is twisted, like a muted transistor.

The sound is muffled, but my soul isn't broken.

I ain't joking when I say that Mary Jane brings focus to mentality.

But kindness, good nature, and peace gets cleared by reality.

Like smoke, we get blown away and become another fatality.

And they are telling me that being me isn't cool to be,

isn't hot to be.

But I have to remember me, so I will not become just a memory.

As I see, how can I be myself if I take on a commercial personality?

Serenity and harmony, I grew up on Tupac and Bone.

Smoking on a pen, getting blazed, getting stoned.

Too broke to buy a pipe, never heard of a bong.

Come on, let the Thugs play on... play on...



I would tell you, it's not the weed that makes you lazy.

Media dreams get in your head, driving you crazy.

Falling on dreams, but bills wake you up, like a slap from your lady.

Get back on the grind, and maybe, just maybe,

you'll be able to rewind some of the lost time.

You know, I don't like to remind,

but we've got to hustle, while in our prime.

And so we rhyme, rhyme of legal crime, crime.

You know... we try to make a dollar out of dime.

Sometimes, I get tired of thinking about what's yours and what's mine.

All of us are a bit dirty, covered with that green slime.

Ways of this world bind, as we strive to survive.

Some are deprived of love and replace it with material stride.

But no matter what you buy, you'll still be empty inside.

Love, we don't have to divide. It comes from our souls.

Like universal harmony, it flows. Like simple happiness, it shows.

Let's get high and forget the lows.

Shake off that ash, as we shake off our woes.

Who knows... who knows... but pass it around, see where this goes...


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