Late, First Love
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Late, First Love

"(VERSE 1)

Late, long-awaited love has fallen on me,

like unexpected snow in the middle of May.

And there is nothing more that frightens me

than the thought of this love melting away.


Sometimes, I'm so happy, I wake up at night.

Then, I look at you and smile through tears.

I don't want to look back at my past life.

For this late love, I waited many years.


And I don't know how much more time

the lord gives us to be together,

but I will cherish every moment

of the love you and I have.


Late, long-awaited love came into my life,

like long-awaited guest comes through the doors.

I don't want to look back. I feel so alive.

I'm going to let this late love be my first.


And I would never wish to have it any other way.

Those years that I have spent alone, you make them fade away.

If I could, I would catch the stars and bring them down to you.

If I could, I would make a rainbow that would bridge over you.

But there is nothing I could say or ever, ever do just

to show you all the bliss I feel, all the love for you.


@Michaels Lyric(r)

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