! Meet the characters ! ~Bachelor~
          ! Meet the characters !

                       ~Bachelor~ sim stories

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! Meet the characters ! ~Bachelor~

okayyyyyy- so i'll be introducing the characters for the new sim, the Bachelor!^^ Okay, lets get into it!^^ ------------- >

(@iliketrains) Name: Alext Taiyaki Age:18 Pronouns: He/Him (Trans boi) Hight:5’6 Switch Personality:A sarcastic smart ass, but loving when you get to know him, he is also very anti social, he also be possessed by a demon who’s even more of an asshole --------->

Appearance:He’s got dark brown hair and red tips, he has a black and a white eye, he’s got a bunch of scars (you can pick where)and he mostly just wears black ripped jeans and a black shirt, with a pair of long leather fingerless gloves Likes and dislikes: He doesn’t like a lot of things but if anything he likes to tease people he knows likes him and a good cup of coffee once and a while (or frequently)

(@rowan_boi) Name: Ash (last name unknown) Age: 18 Pronouns: he/him Height: short... so like 5'4" Bottom Personality: very shy, parents hated him with a passion and abused him, hes not very social but can be sometimes, he is very loyal though and if he finds a lover(boy or girl) ---->

he will hold onto them with all the emotion in his short body Appearance: black hair, two different colored eyes (one red one blue) short, hair almost covers eyes so it's short but long ish, very curly hair, pale, idk what else Power: he can summon any object he thinks of

(@sincere_space) Name: Aki Rimo Age:20 Pronouns: He/Him Hight:6'7 ✨Top✨ Personality:A total ass, Loving only towards his partner, he is a very social person, he is 'Rude' to his friends but that's just how he shows his love. Appearance:He’s got light blue hair the fades to a dark blue -->

Usually in a ponytail , he has seafoam green eyes, he’s got a bunch of tattoos, one on his neck, a bunch on his arms and one down his back. Wears Nice Black Jeans, White long sleeve with a red vest and a black tie. Likes and dislikes: He hates people talking about his hair color, And calling him a 'wuss'. He loves spray painting and playing the guitar. Power: He can duplicate anyone and himself

(@inkdragon) Name: Bore Ryine Age: 18 Pronouns: he/him Height: 6'8" -Either one- Personality: Very monotone, very boring personality, but if you get him angry enough he will murder someone Appearance:Straight black hair, grey eyes, pale skin, t-shirts and ripped jeans, sneakers

He likes chinese food, tacos, video games, pizza, TV, Star Trek He dislikes change Power: He can see all the possibilities of the future (which is why he remains mostly emotionless)

(@chickennuggies) Name- Ekonami Nawizaki age- 17 pronoun- he/they short- 5'8 bottom personality- shy, kind, and ✨EMO✨ looks- fluffy black hair, purple eyes, band tees, ripped jeans, converses likes -hes a gamer and he like anime, j-pop, heavy meatal -->

and screamo. Dislikes: yelling Power: He can control the weather based on his emotions

(@anime_senpaii) name: levi kozimo 17 he/him kind, caring but if u piss him off he will destroy you ( by that if u hurt a loved one ), friendly, smart white hair, golden eyes, kinda short dislikes- bullies people hurting loved ones power: can stop time

(@gay_alex) Name: Axel Tokio Age: 19 Pronouns: He/Him Height: (i'm guessing tall-ish??) Switch Personality: Rude most of the time, kind to people he knows, very flirty if he likes you, aggressive. Appearance: black hair, has a tattoo on his neck and has and earing on his right ear -->

and he is very much ripped and has some great abs. (Me, myself had to look at the pictures for him and DAYUMMMMMM he's hawt...sorry T^T)

(@ta3verse) Name: tahno Age: 17 height: 5'6 sexuality: gay as fuck- personality: really quiet and shy, give the baby physical attention/affection, he'll malfunction without it. Will kick someone's ass if needed, a whole sub there is no changing my mind, a precious sweetheart, plz protecc -->

,he's such a fucking child that it's kinda ridiculous. likes: being manhandled and dominated [don't ask], the beach, cuddles, head past/rubs, being taken care of, music Dislikes: Himself and his entire existence; nothing can change his mind on that the poor baby is so self-conscious Appearance: long dark brown hair and, blue eyes, kinda tall-ish, wears round glasses just for the fun of it, slightly tanned -->

skinny but yet sorta buff, packing in both the front and the back, but more so in the back. Very soft and clear skin [has almost no acne] he's so pretty that even his dad would fuck hi- (I'M SO SORRY this is the creator for this sim talking and i just added that part, sorry T^T) he's so pretty that it's not even fair

(@1000nights) Name: Aidan Age: 17 Pronouns: He/Him Height: 5'4 bottom Personality: rude and mean to people, carless. Appearance: black hair and dark brown eyes.

(@liah_dreamie) Name: Mikey Fairfield Age: 20 Pronouns: He/Him, Gay Tall? 5'9 Switch I guess Personality: Very smart and studies a lot, a nerd, extremely loyal, doesn't judge based on looks but personality, always gives second chances, very passionate, stubborn, bold and daring

Appearance: Curly black hair with deep blue eyes and black glasses, white button up shirt with black pants and black sweater, high top white converses Likes: parkour, skateboarding, studying, sleeping, going on walks, reading, playing video games, Dislikes: Homophobics, rude people, awkward situations (always finds himself in these XD), being embarrassed

Powers: Can mind blink meaning he can teleport himself into random spots or close nearby areas.

okay- so i think that's it, I will either post the 1 episode on March 18th or March 19th depending on how much work i have to do- also if you would like to suggest anything that you want your character to say or do, you can DM me and i'll totally add it into the episode bye bye^^ and I hope you have a lovely dayyyy!

also, thank you all for submitting your characters!!^^

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