Siren sunflower stories

merrymuse Sunflower with her head up in clouds.
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Sunflower musings:

I'm a school counselor. Despite my own weakness, I feel a moral obligation to constantly reach out...


I am a siren,

chained to the shores and awaiting the calls

of washed-up and wounded creatures.

Hiding beneath the surface of the limitless sea,

I tried to close my eyes, lie down on the ocean floor

with the lifeless and the lightless that litter it.

But my eyes caught the flicker from the surface

and I saw my frail hand further reach out.

The final flailing of drowning strangers

with their wails that emanated from deep within.

Strangers with their foreign tongues,

all I can do is imitate their cries.

They heard it, the hollow sound so like their own

and they swam with such speed towards me.

People they once knew no longer recognized them,

as if they became ghosts bearing new shells.

And they said it was because of a siren

who saw the staring blank eyes,

who heard the lifeless lament of man,

who reached out and brought them back to shore.

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