Chapter six Jimin/Taehyung X reader
Chapter six Jimin/Taehyung X reader park jimin stories

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Does he really mean what you feel?

Chapter six Jimin/Taehyung X reader

1:15 A.M Taehyung and Y/N arrived at the dorm and went through Y/N's window. Y/n said her good byes to Taehyung as he left. She walked into the living room and jimin was on the couch with his eyes closed. Y/N didn't know if he was asleep or not. Jimin seemed so peaceful and you stared at him that's when he mumbled something So you got closer.

Jimin held your shoulders and pulled you onto the couch. He was onto of you and looked into your eyes. "Why did you stay out all night?" Jimin asked looking intensely at you. Y/n gasped, she didn't know he had noticed her leave. "How did you know?" She said looking shocked at him. "I always know." He said with a devilish smile. He got closer and you hear was pounding he then pulled away and got up.

"I'm going to go take a shower." He said as he disappeared into the bathroom closing the door behind him. Y/N was still on the couch trying to figure out what had happened. She got up and walked into the kitchen to calm down and got some water. About 15 minutes later Jimin got out of the bathroom and steam followed him and he walked into their bedroom.

She was doing the laundry and was listening to Exo Monster. She was dancing not knowing Jimin was behind her until he put his hands around her waist. She slightly jumped when he put his chin on her shoulder. She turned around and noticed he was shirtless. She tried to turn back around but Jimin didn't let her. She was blushing like crazy and he knew she looked like a tomato.

She closed her eyes but could only see shirtless Jimin. "Jim-Jimin can y-you please put a sh-shirt on?" You asked with a shaky voice. Jimin laughed at your question and poked you still red cheeks. Y/n looked down but you could only see his abs then blushed harder. You closed your eyes and leaned on Jimin's chest. "If you really want me too put a shirt on then why are you so red?"

He asked lifting your chin and pocked your forehead with his index finger. "Hey! that's not fair!" She said trying to wiggling out of his embrace. Jimin tightens his arms around her and as soon as he does Y/N stopped breathing. Jimin's face got closer you could now smell the sweet scent of his blood. You tried to resist but you couldn't and you bit him.

Author note I really hope you like this chapter! I also hope you guys have a good day!

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