Chapter one Jimin/Taehyung X Reader
Chapter one Jimin/Taehyung X Reader parkjimin stories

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Y/N is living in a dorm with Jimin when one day a man appears in her door way.

Chapter one Jimin/Taehyung X Reader

3:25 A.M "Hey Y/N wake up" a voice in the dark whispered. You hummed in response then you turned over and pulled the covers over your head. "Y/N there is someone here" Said your roommate.

You sat up in bed and started listening to see if you could hear something and you did. Then your roommate, Jimin asked "Hey what was that?" Jimin then disappeared into the the living room toward the the sound from a few seconds ago. Y/N felt a strange feeling when Jimin disappeared. "Jimin" You called out to him. When no one answered you got worried.

But then you saw a figure in the darkness walking into your room. When the figure cam closer you saw that it wasn't Jimin. Y/n Screamed in fear. "W-Who are y-you?" you asked slowly sliding further and further to the corner of your room. "I'm just one of Jimin's old friends." The stranger said casually.

His voice was deep. You relaxed just a little. You had never met any of Jimin's Friends before. "What is your name?" you asked Jimin's friend. "My name is Taehyung." he said then added "Jimin invited me over."

You reached over to turn on your light that was on your nightstand. When your eyes adjusted you could see his face. You thought he looked handsome but you saw another side to him that was scary. After staring at him he turned of the light. Then he disappeared and you didn't see if he left or not.

Y/n felt a cold wave of air coming from the living room. You slowly got out of bed then walked to the living room. You tried not to stub your toe on anything. You saw Jimin drinking a bottle of water on the couch. "Hey Jimin where did Taehyung go?" You asked looking around.

"who are you talking about?" he asked looking confused. "He said he was your friend." You said staring at Jimin. "Maybe you are still half asleep and just have imagined someone here." Jimin said with a sigh

Author note I hope y'all liked it. and if you want me to answer any questions I will! =) This was also my FIRST FanFiction so I hope you liked it! | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ | Follow Me on Commaful |_____ ___| (\__/) || (•ㅅ•) || / づ

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