Oh, Sweet Ocean.
Oh, Sweet Ocean.  art stories

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I'm drowning, the waves crash over me. The waves are taking me under. The current is too strong right now.

How do I beat it? I can tread the water, I can swim in this storm but it's pulling me under. I can't breathe.

Oh sweet ocean, I have known you since birth. You have gave me life. I was born in the waters of a hurricane long ago.

I was created in a storm, a disaster that only created a being of smiles, jokes and laughter. How can such a tragedy make such a being?
I guess a storm can be beautiful.
Such a sweet catastrophe.
Wave by wave, I live by that.
Second by second, mad or sad, the water is where I live.

I live wherever the current takes me.

Unconditionally I will be an infinite flow of smiles, joy and laughter taken with drowning in blue, burning as hot as the sun with rage and going deep into the abyss where I can never be found.

I was a boy born in a hurricane of chaos only adapted, grew and learned from the lack of oxygen while drowning and treading with all I had after being hit wave by wave.

This boy trusted his strength, found land and only realized the ocean is not perfect. There will always be storms,
whether they be destructive storms or just a little rain.

The storms have came and went and they always will. This boy has grown to a man now who is strong, prepared and well aware that his beautiful ocean made him grow with each and every storm.

To all of those drowning or struggling in a storm, trust your strength.
Tread, just keep treading.

Land will come soon.
The current may not always be going the same way or be the safest way but I do know you'll find land.

You'll get your breather, catch your breath. Don't rely on land just because you feel safe. The storms are coming, they always will.

Recover and dive in this beautiful ocean we call life. Yes, the rain will come down hard, the waves can get big and it may seem impossible to survive but that's if you let yourself believe that it can't be done.

I'm still treading, I'm still breathing.
I'm still struggling but always finding those islands of relief.

I drowned from time to time when waves crash over me repeatedly.
I struggle when the current changes directions and becomes too strong.

Oh sweet ocean, you've shown me destruction and beauty.
Oh sweet ocean, you suffocate me and remind me how to breath.

Oh sweet ocean, you remind me of me.


ThoseMeaningfulWords. VH.

Oh, Sweet Ocean.

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