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Just something stuck in my head. I had to get it down and share it with the world.


The pitter patter of the rain silences the slap of her footfalls as she runs through the streets.

"Hide," the voice of her own sub-conscious whispers to her as she bolts through different alley-ways trying to escape the threat of those who want to destroy her self-esteem.

The problem is she doesn't want to hide. She wants to live her life to fullest but those she thought cared about her only tears her down and they don't even see it.

"NO! I will not! I must get to him. I must save him!" she screams back, coming upon a doorway, but it is only an illusion, shattering before her.

He's the one she loves, the one everyone judges, everyone despises. Because of his scars, because of the unwanted darkness he controls. She loves him anyway, because he believes in her.

Because he's the only one who does. He loves her, but the darkness inside him wants to consume him. It's her job to take it away, the purifying light that she carries with her always and forever.

The Sorcerer they call him, the Dark Empress they call her. He's not made of magic, he's born from it.

She's not a ruler, but the power she has continues to grow, to astound those around her, but they're afraid of her. It's why they tear her down, despite the light she carries.

The magic he's born from became the darkness because he's had to burden himself to take the evil from everyone and it caused his scars.

Long, hideous scars that mark his hands, his face, his body from so many battles. She thinks they're beautiful, a thing she tells him every day.

She continues to run until she reaches the darkened doorway where she hears screams as the darkness, the evil darkness tries to bury him alive. A torture element to it he hadn't anticipated.

Bursting through the doorway, she fills the room with light, shooting a crystallized shard of it through his body, through his soul.

The shadows dissipate, the light penetrating the dark, saving him. He falls to his knees, breathing hard, regaining control.

"You're okay. It can't hurt you anymore. The magic you have is completely pure," She tells him.

He stands, rushing to pull her into an embrace, then kissing her lips; a passion that's been there for months. They walk out, the people she tried to hide from standing face to face with her.

"I'm tired of hiding. You can't tear me down anymore. Not for loving him, not for this power I have. You may be afraid and you may be jealous but I love myself and I love him.

You won't take that away from me," she states, the words flowing natural and for the first time wonderful for her.

This stuns them, bewildered expressions on their faces as they look at each other. Their ghostly bodies disappear, revealing the true people she's loved her whole life.

"Finally! You've accepted yourself and now there's nothing stopping you," they tell her, a group hug she's been craving most of her life.

There's a flash of light. She wakes up.

Looking next to her, the man she loves lies beside her, soundly asleep. This dream, this memory is a reminder of what she gained.

Her confidence in herself, the family she's always wanted, the man with the ink black hair and the bright blue eyes that she always admired and come to love.

They're all here, the darkness and the shadows erased with the light she brings with her every day.

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