When The Girl Fell Pt. 1
When The Girl Fell Pt. 1 romance stories

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A story of love and pain. When Joanna has the opportunity with the man of her dreams.

When The Girl Fell Pt. 1

Joanna had her eye on Mike for years. Ever since she moved to Florida in high school. She longed for him. She dreamed about him. She walked the long way to class. Just to see him.

In her eyes, he was perfect in every way. Football player. Strong. And a gorgeous smile. Oh that smile. Only one problem: He had no clue she existed.

He had just broken up with his girlfriend of 2 years. And as Joanna strategically flung herself around trying to get him to notice her....something happened. He actually noticed her.

She flirted in every way she knew how and he clearly took note. He asked her to come over. She couldn't believe it. Mike, the guy of her dreams, asked her out!

He invited her in to his house and brought her upstairs. She had dreamed of long talks late-night talks in his bedroom until they fell asleep cuddling. It was finally happening.

When they reached his room, he took off his shirt. He reached to unbuckle his belt. She had not been expecting this. She should have known better.

"Are you okay?" he asked. She hesitated. It only then dawned on her. She wasn't winning him. He was using her to get over his breakup.

But she had dreamed of being with him for so long. She lifted her skirt and jumped into his arms.

As she put her shirt back on, warm from his body, she felt odd. The sex was good, but something felt dirty. Off.

She hoped that she'd be able to change him to love her. He invited her over more frequently. Each time, she hoped that he would like her more. Turn this into something special.

One day Mike was with his group of football friends when they ran into Joanna. "Hey Mike, isn't this the girl you've been fucking?" one of them asked. "She's hot!!"

Mike shrugged. "Hey girl, let me know if you are looking for other guys to have a good time with" another chimed. Mike didn't even look up from his phone. He didn't even care.

Joanna sensed a chance to make Mike jealous. She muttered "Sure, here's my number" It felt wrong. But she felt like she had to do it. She had to turn Mike around.

As the boys walked away, one of them, named Erwin, stayed behind. "You don't have to do that you know, I can tell you're doing this to get back at Mike. Not because you want to."

Joanna glared at him. "What do you know?' She walked off angrily.

A few weeks passed. She had slept with a few different guys and still regularly "visited" Mike. Nothing seemed to change. But then one day things did change.

Mike got a girlfriend. An exclusive girlfriend. Her name was Iris.

To be continued. Want to find out what happens next? Comment below what you feel after reading this story!

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