Bad Storytelling
Bad Storytelling  hood stories

mariowalkerPoet, Author, and Youtuber
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A poem about reversing bad-narratives

Bad Storytelling

As I get older my worldview is expanding.

I was always an open-minded person but I have to undo a lot of bad storytelling.

Being black and being from the hood you are taught that: talking proper is talking white, all repulicans are bad or white people are always taking over

The streets taught to be a consumer and not producer, to be entertained and not enlightened.

The world isn't so black and white. There's more to life than just the hood,

college isn't the only way of success, you can make a living off your passion, you don't have to nesscarly work a 9 to 5 make a living.

All these narratives I'm Itrying to reverse. I can be successful, I can be happy, I can live life on my own terns.

If I take responsibility over my own life, stop blaming others, stop relying on others for opportunities, and by taking care of my mind, body and soul.

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