The last of the Bohemians
The last of the Bohemians evolution stories

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The last of the Bohemians

More avian, they would say, more avians. Now look where we are now. Birdmen everywhere.

No, they aren’t a threat to society or the planet or humanity, and yes, they’re very compassionate to wingless such as me.

No – I’ve never heard them actually call anyone ‘wingless’, but it sounds just like something they’d refer to regular old human beings as, don’t it?

What I’m saying is – the economy is a crash right now, and it’s no happenstance. I tried getting a job, the other day. I even showed up for the interview.

Oh, ‘anyone can grow pinions with some application and bona fide’, can they? Well I can’t. Sorry I ain’t no superhuman – bionic – robotgod manperson. I won’t live by this sick society’s rules.

I don’t need to ruin my health and well-being breaking my back to make big rhino. You fly, crock cranes, you mingle with those Teutonic automatons.

My mind is made, and my heart is true; to ‘be a man’ is a fate nine times worse than death,

and I would rather die unloved and unrecalled than be part of the unabated anabasis of one thousand years of the pathosis dubbed progress.

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