Running to save Their baby Journey of Azhagi (7)
Running to save Their baby 

 Journey of Azhagi (7) azhagi's life stories

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The Journey of Azhagi and her life struggles . Based on real story

Running to save Their baby Journey of Azhagi (7)

Their house was full of her baby tongue.

Thangam (their baby) will wake up before our handsome morning goes to work.

When the night Aarav came home and was playing with Thangam , our Azhagi who was alone at home did not know when the time would come when Thangam came.

Their life went happily ever after.

Life is not always happy, is it?

It was like their life was in trouble.

Suddenly one day Thangam( Gold) fell ill. Tried doing some remedies at home.

But did not heal.

He was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated by doctors. They returned home hoping to be healed.

But she did not recover and was taken to another hospital. There is no cure. Day by day the hospital and the doctors just changed. Only her health remained the same.

Why day by day was worse.

They left that town and were taken to the next town, where they did not recover. Days are months.

They picked up the baby and went to a hospital to see if any doctor could cure it.

Finally went to a hospital and the doctor said it could be cured but one condition.

What condition?

The journey will continue ...

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