The Train - Chapter 3
The Train - Chapter 3 scary stories

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Welcome – Lily stood outside of the Mansion, in her hand, she looked at a ticket. She read the words under her breath. A crow called behind her. Clouds crawled closer. And thunder started to boil far away in another place. She looked at the hooded figures behind her. One of them nodded. This nod might have been towards her. Or, it was to somebody else, in a different place. That she could not see. At least not yet. These hooded figures wore rough grey cloth over their bodies and over their heads. And around their neck, an untouched silver necklace with a large symbol of a wolf head and wings that sprouted out from its sides, to connect the chain around the neck. The wolf looked frightening, but he also looked like a protector. As if he was watching over her right now, listening, protecting. Then, she looked up at the sky. The sky was red, but not the red of a satisfying sunset. This was the red of blood. This was blood. Also, something she tried to ignore, but would for some reason always appear in her sight, was the corpse of a long dead sun. To her right, a large jagged cliff, high above them. As her eyes reached its top, a wolf. A wolf was watching her, he had the most beautiful coat that flew with the wind and gave off a glow. She rubbed her eyes, and he was gone. She looked back at the figures behind her, one of them nodded again. So, she took a step forward, and went up the steps.

The Train - Chapter 3


As the train left its next station, a new passenger came to her room. A little girl had sat down in the middle of the bench across from lily.

The girl had said nothing as she entered, she had no luggage and seemed slightly off to Lily. Although Lily did attempt to ask the girl a couple questions.

Lily first asked how the girl was doing. But the girl just kept staring forward, and looking at the wall.

After many minutes of silence, lily decided to ask another simple question. Hoping to strike up a conversation after the last passenger had been so swell.

Perhaps the girl was just shy and had now warmed up to her? Lily had thought to herself.

"Where are you heading to Miss? For I am not sure, I am just taking the train."

The girl did give Lily a reaction. To at least show she had not frozen in time. But all the reaction she got was a head turn towards the window. And it stayed facing the window.

At this point lily seemed a little annoyed. She was never ignored as this. To her in this moment it did not matter whether it was a little girl or not, she wanted the girl to respond.

"Hey!" lily said a little louder than her usual voice.

The girl turned her head towards lily and gave a stare directly into her eyes.

"Hello" The girl said.

At this the lights started to flicker, the train rattled, and the girl disappeared. Lily Screamed. The train rattle kept getting louder, and Louder, and LOUDER. Lily screamed again.

The lights turned off. And the train stopped rattling. The engine stopped making noise. And for some reason, the lights in the outside world had also gone off.

The sky was not visible, nor was the scenery. As if someone had painted the windows black. In the silence, she could hear her heavy breathing. She listened for others screams and wails. Nothing.

All she could hear was her own breath. In the pitch-black dark, Lily stood up, feeling her way for the lantern that had lit the room before.

She heard a crunch and figured she had dropped her snack of crackers during the rattling on the floor.

"Oops" She whispered.

Her hand feeling though the air, touching the velvet bench, wall, and finally the lantern. Reach in her pocket for a lighter. She re-lit the lantern.

Finally, a slight bit of light filled the room around her. She looked down to pick up her snack. But there were no crackers on the ground... Instead, a skeleton lie on the floor.

She jumped back and screamed again.

"No, no, no, no, no!"

She stumbled towards the door while facing the skeleton. This is hell. She thought

Stepping towards the door out into the hallway behind her, she slid the door open and cast the lantern out into the darkness of the hallway. Once out she slammed it shut behind her.

What she saw was mind-bending at the least. Everyone, the crowded train. The train that had every seat filled. Was empty. She ran towards a door to the outside of the train and tried to open it.

It wouldn't budge. She pulled harder; it still wouldn't budge.

How was she going to get out? Would she be trapped in this train forever? With the skeleton of that strange passenger, and the darkness?

Just then, she remembered an emergency hatch under the floor at the end of her car. She ran to the opposite end of the car and felt the ground for the handle.

There! The handle was there! She tried to move it, and it moved. She pulled the hatch open and saw that the train was moving. How was she going to get out? Something tapped her on the shoulder.

"Ma'am please go sit down. There is nothing wrong with the train."

She turned around. The lights were on, and a conductor was standing behind her. She looked out the window, and there was the sky. She blinked... and she was back in her car.

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