The Train - Chapter 2
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Lily stood outside of the Mansion, in her hand, she looked at a ticket. She read the words under her breath. A crow cawed behind her. Clouds crawled closer. And thunder started to boil far away in another place. She looked at the hooded figures behind her. One of them nodded. This nod might have been towards her. Or, it was to somebody else, in a different place. That she could not see. At least not yet. These hooded figures wore rough grey cloth over their bodies and over their heads. And around their neck, an untouched silver necklace with a large symbol of a wolf head and wings that sprouted out from its sides, to connect the chain around the neck. The wolf looked frightening, but he also looked like a protector. As if he was watching over her right now, listening, protecting. Then, she looked up at the sky. The sky was red, but not the red of a satisfying sunset. This was the red of blood. This was blood. Also, something she tried to ignore, but would for some reason always appear in her sight, was the corpse of a long dead sun. To her right, a large jagged cliff, high above them. As her eyes reached its top, a wolf. A wolf was watching her, he had the most beautiful coat that flew with the wind and gave off a glow. She rubbed her eyes, and he was gone. She looked back at the figures behind her, one of them nodded again. So, she took a step forward, and went up the steps.

The Train - Chapter 2


Lily looked up from her book. It had been forever since she got on the train.

When would the next stop be? She had fumed at herself.

But, not much later than this. The next station could be seen out of the window. Lily peered out her window, tilted her head back, and whispered under her breath.


The station ahead was similar to hers. But a little bit bigger. It had the same looking streets for impatient people to wait for their train that would never come.

These streets were a bright red brick. Well, was a bright red brick. For, now the brick was worn from horses, carriages, and the bustling commotion of the people. This was a very busy town.

Full of very busy people. The people here had their ways, and no others. They did what they did during the day, with no questions. Then would do it once again the next day. This, was Proper.

At least for them.

As the train arrived at the station, many people boarded. And lily wondered how many of these people would disturb the silence of her room.

Looking out the window again, the doors had closed and she could hear bustling down the hallway.

Moments later her door slid open, and on the outside stood the man in the blue uniform with a new lady. She was an elderly woman; she was wearing oddly colored clothes.

A plum jacket and salmon jeans. She had a small briefcase with her, and a floral hat on her head.

I hope you don't mind miss" Said the man to lily

"I'm Jake" Lily replied

The man nodded his head and left the woman to close the door on her own.

The woman set her suitcase down on her bench and slid the door closed behind her.

As she sat down, she nodded her head at Lily and Lily nodded back.

The train started out of the station, and lily looked out her window. The scenery had stayed mostly the same. A mountain in the far background, the sun still rising, and a forest at her face.

But the forest was getting thicker. She peered her head out the window and looked ahead, they were turning into the dense forest. The closer they got, the thicker the branches had become.

So, Lily decided to close the window.

And as she did, the Old Lady rang the bell for assistance. Lily saw nothing wrong, so she felt no need to interfere. The same man came in who led the lady to the room and asked what was needed.

The lady asked for a meal and tea for the both of them. And as Lily heard this she looked up. The lady looked back at her and smiled.

"Well you looked hungry so I figured we could have a conversation over a meal." The lady smiled

"That sounds fantastic!" Lily replied.

She didn't expect a meal on the train, for she could not afford one herself. She had brought herself crackers and a milk. So, the thought of the lady being so generous gave her a sense of joy.

Very quickly after it had been ordered, the food had come on a small table which rolled. And on that table were two large fish, a tea for each, and a biscuit for dessert.

At the sight of this Lily's eyes flared with hunger and joy. The lady saw this and smiled once more.

"So where are you headed miss?" Asked the lady.

"Oh I am not sure, somewhere I hope." Lily had replied "Oh, and you can name me Lily"

"Ok then, Lily. I saw you earlier with a notebook while you were looking out of the window. Do you by chance enjoy to draw?"

"I do, but I am not the best at it by any means"

From this sparked a very long conversation. Lily had shown the Old lady many of her drawings and they discussed each one and from where it was. Many of them the Lady new where they were from.

And others she did not. By the end of their meal and conversations on art, the next station had appeared, and she stated that it was her stop and that it was nice meeting Lily.

Thank you for your company miss!" Lily called as she walked down the hall.

The woman winked back at her.

Lily closed the door and looked back to where the woman was sitting. In her place was a gold coated pencil, attached to a note. The note read

Miss Lily,

I figured this might be more useful to you than tis to me

Keep this pencil safe and never lose it

For it will never become dull and can be used for the rest of time

Yours Truly,

Miss 6

Lily's eyes flared up once again, in joy. She didn't notice how many people had gotten on the train for the next station. All she worried upon was her new possession. Her prized possession.

If she ever saw Miss 6 again than she would be sure to say thank you.

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