Finding myself part 2:
Finding myself part 2: unique stories

majedhabal Trying to find myself in this mist...
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Traits that could damage.

Finding myself part 2:

Do we ever stop? Or take a rest?

What happens when we slack off?

Should we consider ourselves within the norm?

Or are we the ones who are meant to ramble the spectrum?

We are not alone in this deed,

But we are the ones who have chosen to proceed,

What happens when we feel stuck?

What happens when we do not know what is next?

For us the future is not set,

For every day is a struggle,

Trying to find a meaning,

Trying to make a change,

Feeling down when we fail,

But never giving up,

Cause it is not about us anymore,

What we want to achieve grows bigger than our needs,

Exceeds to affect worlds,

For what we consider simple for us,

Could mean a whole for others.

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