Earth-23: The Wonder-palace episode 1: The start of your new life part 1
Earth-23: The Wonder-palace episode 1: The start of your new life part 1 comedy stories

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The Wonder-palace is one of America's most successful attractions. With a movie theater, a five star restaurant, a dedicated sport center where you can watch your favorite teams, and more importantly the famed performers that make this place come to life. But behind all this, is a secret. A secret that could bring this entire organization to ruins, or boost it tremendously if you consider the phrase "all publicity is good publicity" to be true. Welcome the Wonder-Palace.

Earth-23: The Wonder-palace episode 1: The start of your new life part 1

"Alright today the day." She thought as she got ready in the mirror. Her skin a smooth brown complexion with eyes of matching color. Her height stands at a reasonable five feet, nine inches.

Her smile was comforting and welcoming. It had to be.

Her name is Karen Rex.

She combed her short, shoulder length hair and tied it into a neat ponytail. She put on a nice dress shirt along with business casual pants.

Today was her interview for the entertainment mega-center known as the Wonder-palace. She looked herself in the mirror one more time making sure everything was in place.

She checked the time on her phone. It was 5:05 PM, the interview wasn't until 6 pm.

She grabbed her car keys and headed out the front door, giving a quick kiss on the head to the sleeping cat on her couch named Colin.

She got outside, the temperature was a warm but bearable 78 degrees with not a cloud in the sky, the sun shining intently on her.

She open the door to her 1998 Bolts-wagon, painted a deep sea blue,

it had a dent on the driver side from that one time that drunk moron drove a moped into her parked car at a Alpha-Burger and drove off.

She arrived at the Wonder-palace around 5:45, with some time to spare. She got out of the car and looked at the big sprawling building in front of her.

A giant slick neon purple sign that was mature but also family friendly that said The Wonder-palace greeted her as she walked up to it,

passing by several other families and individuals who was also heading where she was. She opened the door to cool air blasting her in the face.

The inside of the prestige Wonder-palace was a sight to behold. If Karen had to describe it, it was like a amusement park had a baby with a Five-star restaurant.

She noticed that there was distant shouting coming from seemingly the young adult section, other patrons was going over to see what the commotion was about.

A man was approaching her, He had curly black hair and a trimmed beard. He looks to be about six foot, wearing a simple black leather jacket with a white v-neck underneath.

He cast Karen a smile that said. " You're the woman i wanted to see."

"I supposed you the new girl?" He asked casually. Karen knew she see him somewhere before.

"Yes, well not yet at least, i have to get past this interview first." Karen said.

The man looks in the direction of the commotion and gave her a "follow me" gesture.

"Don't worry, you get the job, to be honest you walked in at the best time, we're having one of our monthly incidents!" He laughs as Karen followed behind him.

"Oh yes, i heard about those, if you don't mind me asking, who are you? You seem familiar."

"Oh, well most people call me Dan, others call me asshole, a select few called me piece of shit." He stated blankly as they approached the crowd in the YA section.

"Um...i just call you Dan, alright?" She said.

"Suit yourself." Dan replied happily.

They begin to made their way through the shouting crowd.

What Karen saw was a younger naked woman getting beat up by an older woman and a older man hastily trying to put on his underwear.

"Welcome to the Wonder-palace!" He said sarcastically.

What the hell did she get into?

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