The Moon is also Sun(Part 4)
The Moon is also Sun(Part 4) teenfiction stories

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In this part,some secrets were spilled...TW:MENTIONS OF SU!CIDE, AND SWEARING
PS:Any products mentioned in the story aren't mine

The Moon is also Sun(Part 4)

At exactly eleven in the morning my phone was buzzing from about a million notifications.

I thought it was Brooklyn, but when I opened looked, it was from almost all the kids at the school sharing homophobic text messages of me.

I was in disgust, but also shocked because it all started from my toxic ex friend Gavin Hornton.

I used to be friends with him in the sixth grade but then he left me in grade seven because I was Bi. I guess he spread to the whole grade that I was Bi, and they are just making fun of me now.

I turned around to see Brooklyn burst in the door and gave me a hug. I shoved her away and she fell to the ground, "what's wrong with you Lucas, are you ok" she asked.


"I don't think you understand, I'm supporting you, I'm proud of you for being Bi" she responded as she placed her hand on my shoulder.


Brooklyn shook her head and her eyes filled with tears, as she backed away and ran back to her room.

I ran over and pounded on her door, "I'M NOT FINISHED YET" I yelled, "WELL I AM, GO AWAY I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU" she screamed back as she slid down her door and sobbed.

I froze for a second, but then I ran out of the house and rode my skateboard all the way to the nearest bridge, and just sat there.

I was honestly so fed up with my fucked up life, that I stood up on the bridge and almost jumped into the roaring ocean below me.

Nova Scotia was beautiful and it would be the perfect place for me to die, in a body of water.

I got down from the bridge because for one, I loved Brooklyn dearly and I couldn't leave her too, but also because I have a fear of drowning.

I walked home while holding my skateboard in my arms and I approached Brooklyn's door.

I could hear her still sobbing, so I knocked on the door and said slowly,"look, I'm sorry your not homophobic at all It was just a bad time so I took it out on you,

and I shouldn't have because your my best friend and I know you wouldn't do anything to hurt me so I'm sorry I hope you can forgive me, I understand if you won't talk to me again".

I heard pure silence, but I knew what she was doing so then I smiled and said, "I brought you a cupcake from the bakery you like".

Then her door began to creak open, and it slowly started to reveal Brooklyn. "You are forgiven,and I apologize for raising my voice, '' she said softly.

I laughed while shaking my head and handed her the cupcake which she seemed to like,I mean they are her favourite.

The next day I woke up at twelve and I figured Brooklyn wasn't awake so I went to her room, but I saw that she was nowhere to be found.

I started getting worried so I looked in the basement, the living room, the kitchen and even the washroom! However, there still was no Brooklyn.

I had to think of where she might be, I knew that she likes nature, so I checked outside of our house and saw Brooklyn sitting in a large oak tree,

with her long fiery red hair flowing in the Autumn breeze. I called out her name and she turned around to see who did it. Her eyes glowed in the sun and she wore a beautiful yellow summer dress.

"ARE YOU NOT COLD UP THERE?" I shouted "NO,IT'S QUITE LOVELY ACTUALLY" she responded. I shook my head and went in to grab my jacket to climb up to see her.

I finally went back outside after choosing my denim jacket and I climbed up the large tree. Brooklyn laughed at me as I struggled to climb the long, thick branches.

She reached out her hand in return for mine so that she could pull me up. For a moment our eyes locked, and I tucked her hair behind her ear because she usually hides her face.

We tensed up though and turned away to look at the crystal blue sea in front of us. Brooklyn slowly leaned in closer to me because I felt her shiver as she held my arm.

"Brooklyn you're freezing I think you need a jacket" I said, "I'm not cold" she replied.

I chuckled and grabbed my gray beanie and placed it on her lovely red locks, and then I wrapped my blue denim jacket around her shoulders.

Brooklyn tilted her head at me, "You're too stubborn, you know that right" I said as she laughed and looked away.

I turned to her and asked, "why are you looking at this sea anyways?" Brooklyn looked at me and fidgeted with the skirt of her dress.

" I guess it just reminds me of my dad, we always came here every weekend and played in the roaring waves crashing to the shore.

" I looked at the tides coming in and hugged Brooklyn around her waist, "I'm sorry" I told her.

She wiped a tear falling from her left and said, "its ok, I just hope to see the world someday, live life, and travel just like me and my parents wanted to do.

" I could see Brooklyn doing that someday, she was very spontaneous and had a need for adventure. " I actually want to end life fully because I just don't have a good one.

" Brooklyn whipped her head around to look at me, and then she slapped me on my cheek leaving a red mark. "What was that for?" I said as I scowlded at her.

"God gave you a beautiful life for a reason, so don't you dare ever end it because I can't afford to lose you".

I nodded my head and looked away from her, I guess she was right, but sometimes I feel like I'm unwanted and washed up from the rest.

The next day we went back to school, and we rode my skateboard for transportation this time.

Today was going to be a stressful day at school though because we had to present our presentations on our Novel study, "Five Feet Apart" and Brooklyn was extremely nervous.

We entered into our Language class and sat down, luckily we were one of the last ones to present as we were working individually. Twenty minutes later, Mr.

Gaulle motioned for Brooklyn to come up to the front and present. Brooklyn gathered her things, and stood at the front and began to present.

I'm not sure if Brooklyn was tired or not, but her eyes looked as if they were going to close, but I didn't think of it much.

Later to the end of her presentation, Brooklyn looked all funny, she started to move around almost as if she was dizzy from spinning around too much, and then her eyes began to squint.

"Brooklyn are you alright, you look sick" Mr Gaulle asked, "why is your voice echoing Mr Gaulle" Brooklyn replied. Mr Gualle looked puzzled and slowly stood up from his chair.

However, just as he did, Brooklyn fainted to the ground and her eyes closed shut.

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