My Neko Soulmate - Part 3
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Part 3 of My Neko Soulmate, where we meet Uri's crush...

As always, any suggestions, criticism, and other feedback is massively appreciated!

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My Neko Soulmate - Part 3

"Uri..." Haruko mentioned, sat opposite me at a table in the cafeteria.


"You're spacing out again," he told me.

"Oh? Right, sorry..." I muttered.

I glimpsed over at Neko who was on a table surrounded by girls bombarding him with questions and cute smiles.

"Why is he so popular....?! Is it just because he's new?" I mumbled to myself.

To be surrounded by the cutest girls in school on his first day here... I wish I got that treatment, lucky bastard...

"It's probably because he's so fluffy and adorable," Haruko mentioned.

"Fluffy?!!" I repeated with concern.

"Have you felt his hair? It's like a cloud!" Haruko claimed with a concerning blush.

"When the hell did you feel his hair?!!" I ordered to know.

"When the girls barged past us with him,”

“They were practically dragging him along and, because he's so small, his hair brushed against my arm when he was pulled past us,”

“It was so soft that I thought they were holding a cat hostage or something," Haruko confirmed.

"More like a wolf....." I grunted with little interest.

I wonder if it was his actual hair that Haruko felt. Might have been his ears. If that's even possible... I wonder...

"Does he really bother you that much? You seem to pretty much hate his existence already. This has to be a new record!" he mentioned.

"Mm... I wouldn't say I hate him. He's just kinda annoying, you know?”

“Reminds me of an anime character or something. He's so loud and squeaky, and completely oblivious!" I told him.

"Maybe so... definitely seems like the innocent type. Bet he's sheltered like mad by his parents. But he does seems like a sweet guy...”

“And he must like you a lot since he came in this morning clinging to you,”

“And did you hear him call out your name when we left? That was pretty adorable," Haruko mentioned.

"Adorable...?" I repeated sarcastically, remembering Neko shouting my name while furiously waving his arms as the girls carried him away.

I think he may have actually had tears in his eyes at that moment......

"You shouldn't be so hard on the guy. He is new here, after all,”

“You don't wanna be that jerk who picks on the poor, defenceless new kid, do you?" Haruko smirked.

"No..." I grunted.

"Good. Then play nice, yeah?" he added.

Maybe I would if he wasn't completely insane...

I went to look over at him again, but then I suddenly noticed one girl in particular at that table.


"Hmm?" Haruko muttered, seeing my distraction.

"Ooh~ Sayuri's at that table too? Hehe. Now I see why you hate him,”

“You think he's gonna take your senpai away," Haruko smirked as horns sprouted from his head.

"As if he has a chance!" I grunted.

"Heh. You're jealous of him," he chuckled mockingly.

"I AM NOT!!" I detested.

"Are so," He smiled.

"AM NOT!!"

"Are so~"

"SHUT UP!!!"

"Nope~" he smirked.

I didn't have enough energy to keep arguing back.

"You know I'm always right," he added.

"I said shut it, alright?! It's nothing like that," I told him.

"Then what's your problem with him?" he asked.

The problem is that he has ears and a tail and calls me master, claiming we're soulmates!!

And that childish personality only pisses me off more...

"You can't answer, can you?" he added with a superior smirk.

I grunted.

"Heh. I knew it," he chuckled.

I got to my feet.

"Hmm?" he mumbled.

"I'll be right back," I told him, walking over to Neko.

"Oh?" Haruko mumbled, seeing me make my way over to the table of girls around Neko.

I gotta get some proper answers from this kid...

"Oi! Neko!!" I yelled.

All the girls looked up at me, including Sayuri.

"Ah!" I squealed, face suddenly flushed as I met Sayuri's eyes.

Alert!! Confidence level rapidly decreasing!! Weakness targeted: teenage awkwardness! No defences available!! Alert!! Alert!!

"H-hey buddy, mind meeting me outside after school?”

“I-I'd love to ask you a few things b-but I can see you're currently busy," I stuttered uncontrollably.

This is like the first time I've even shown my face to Sayuri!! What the hell am I thinking?!!

"Ah! Of course, Uri!" he smiled.

Damn that innocent smile of his...! It just pisses me off even more. As if a teenager could ever smile like that...

"Uri? Oh, are you one of Neko's friends? That's so cute! You've made friends already," Sayuri beamed as I turned my back.

"Umm!!!!" I shivered with embarrassment as I froze to hear Sayuri say my name.

"Well, erm... not exactly... I don't think Uri wants to be my friend... even though he's my mah-"

"I am your friend!" I interrupted just before he dared to utter the word 'master.'

"Really? But you said you weren't my friend in class this morning," he gave me a puppy look in response as the girls glared at me with hatred to his words.

"Ah! N-no! I- err- it's just-" I panicked, shrinking down in size with every word, feeling like I was being interrogated.

"Come on now, Uri! What's taking you so long? I've been looking everywhere for you!”

“Now say goodbye to your friends! You promised to buy me lunch, remember?" Haruko interrupted, throwing his arm around me.

"Excuse us, ladies~" he pulled me away.

Haruko to the recuse...

"Wow. You are really bad at this," he commented as we walked away.

"I don't do well under pressure..." I grumbled, dragging my body along.

"Thanks for saving me," I sighed in relief.

I suck at talking to girls... especially ones I like. Damn it! So lame...

"No problem. Now buy me food," he smiled.

"Wait, you were serious about that?!" I questioned.

"Yup. I forgot my money," he claimed, taking his arm from my shoulder and stretching both arms up behind his head.

"You're despicable!!" I grunted as he winked and stuck his tongue out in response.

The things I have to deal with...

To be continued...💖

Let me know in the comments, what would you do to save your best friend from embarrassment in Haruko’s situation? 🤔

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