My Neko Soulmate - Part 1
My Neko Soulmate - Part 1 soulmate stories

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After noticing a strange boy with ears and a tail... Uri is confronted with his "soulmate". But just how will this relationship develop? ;)

As always, any suggestions, criticism, and other feedback is massively appreciated!

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My Neko Soulmate - Part 1

It all started on a typical Monday. The day I met...

It all started on a typical Monday. The day I met... my soulmate.

I walked down the corridor, harmlessly.

On my way to class; nothing better to do. Wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen...

... so I zoned out as I usually did, listening to my music.

Blocking out all the annoying chatter around me. All the distractions. All the people...

But... then I noticed the new guy pass by me...

My feet froze as my widened eyes followed his movements.

I pulled down my headphones.

He turned around in confusion, sensing someone was staring...

I gasped as he met my gaze directly.

He had unbelievable white hair, like nothing I'd ever seen.

There were strange light blue markings in the middle...

His eyes were a shinning reddish pink and ears, perky with white fur- ... Wait...

No... there's no way... this isn't real...


... ....................

... .................... .........................................................

This is real! What the hell?!!!

"Is... something wrong?" the boy asked shyly, tone sounding way too childish for his age.

He looked at me as if everything was completely normal.

"What... are you?" I let out, overwhelmed by the situation.

He seemed surprised.

"Sorry... I don't think I understand..." he muttered back.

I gulped and slowly lifted my arm, pointing above my head.

He showed a kind of surprised yet calmed expression as he tilted his head, and then, in realisation, responded...

"You can see them...?" he mumbled, not breaking eye contact as his face brightened with red.

"Am I not supposed to?" I questioned.

He jumped a little and turned around quickly, grabbing hold of his tail that was just as white and fluffy as his hair.

"Mmm...... mah....." he stuttered.

I tilted my head, not being able to make out what he was saying.

"Master...?!" he blushed, turning his head with a burning face.

Some students turned their attention to his words.

"Uh..... what???" I replied in confusion, mind receiving the information for the word my ears must have just misheard...

"You're my... master!" he claimed.

"Wh-what the heck are you talking about??!" I questioned.

"If you can see them... you must have been very dear to me in my past life..."

"We're... connected!" he explained shyly as I panicked, seeing the attention we'd gained as people started to mutter.

After all, he did just say 'master' in the middle of the school corridor!

"And so that makes you my-"

I quickly pulled him into the storeroom next to us to avoid attention.

"Ok! What the hell are you talking about?!! You think it's funny to make a scene like that?!"

"Just cause you're new, you want all the attention?!" I tried to assume, reaching any conclusion I could possibly come to from this.

"But I-" he tried to explain.

"How did you get away with coming to school with these things?! Are you trying to get bullied?!!" I went on, pulling at his ears and tail.

"Ow!" he let out as I yanked at his ears to find they didn't come off.....

I stayed silent, unable to move in shock to even consider these things were real.


"My name's Neko....." he mentioned, looking up at me while my hands stayed gripped onto his ears.

[Neko pronounced Nee-Ko, not Neh-ko]

"Uh!" I gasped, stumbling back into the cabinet behind me.

"Ah!" I let out as a bunch of cleaning stuff fell on me from the impact.

"Uh! Are you ok, master?!" Neko bent down on his knee immediately and placed a hand on my head.

"Uh!" I pushed him away in rejection.

"Just what the hell are you...?!" I demanded to know from the floor.

"A human like you, silly. I have the ears and tail of a wolf, but they're only a part of my spirit form, not body,"

"So only a spirit connected to my own can see them," he told me.

"A spirit...?" I repeated, still trying to understand the situation.

"Mhm. You've heard of soulmates, haven't you?" he asked.

"W-Wait! Wh-what are you trying to say?!!" I demanded to know, hands shaking as I pointed at him in panic.

"When two souls have been connected in their past life, they're destined to meet that soul again in another!"

"They stay together through many lifetimes, in many different bodies..."

"Our souls have met in a past life and have formed a connection that allows for you to see my spirit form!" Neko tried to explain.

"So....! What you're trying to say......... is that....!"

"WE'RE SOULMATES?!!!!" I let out in refusal to believe a word he was saying.

Some people from outside the door heard my yell and stopped to look towards the room in concern.

"Indeed, master!" the boy claimed, bowing his head down to me.

"Then what the heck's with the master stuff?!!" I yelled.

"Uh... well, you're important to me... so..."

"I should call you master to show you I'm yours, right?" Neko mumbled, clearly not realising what master actually symbolised.


"And I'm not into guys anyway!" I yelled, not meaning to sound so insulted.

"Neither am I,"

"Well, at least I think I'm not....."

"But our souls clearly feel differently, so I guess we're destined to change," he beamed.

"This.... is not happening...." I shuddered.

The bell echoed in the background.

"Oh no, I didn't get to grab a timetable..." Neko mentioned, looking towards the closed door, hearing the bell that signified it was time for the first class to begin.

"You haven't even got a time table yet?! Don't they send those things out?!" I questioned.

"Well, I recently moved. I was told to collect one at the front desk in reception...." he mentioned.

"Reception...?! That's the complete other way than where you were heading!" I mentioned, remembering the direction he was walking.

"Uh... did they tell you what class they'd put you in?" I asked, getting to my feet.

"3-B," he answered as a metaphorical rock slammed down on me.

"..... three.....! Bee....?!" I repeated.

"Is something wrong?" he asked, tilting his head to me.

"That's.... my class....!" I trembled.

His face lit up in excitement.

"Ah! That's great! I get to be with master in class!" he cheered.

I suddenly slammed my hand onto his mouth, pressing him against the door in anger.

"Look, don't get calling me master like that, alright?!"

"If people hear you, they'll get all sorts of messed up ideas! Do you even know how teenaged minds work?!" I shouted at him.

"But you are my-"

"I don't care!! High school is bad enough as it is! The last thing I need is you embarrassing me!" I tried to get through to him.

What the hell is this kids problem?!

He can't just go around claiming someone's his soulmate! Does he understand anything about relationships?!

"Uh... oh, of course! I understand that!" he claimed.

Geez, this kid...

"Good!" I added firmly, going to open the door as he moved away.

"Uh.... but then... what do I call you?" he wondered.

"Uh..! Mm... my name's Uri..." I told him.

[Uri is pronounced the same as Yuri (your-re)]

"Uri? That's a great name, master!" He beamed.

"THEN CALL ME IT!!!" I yelled in annoyance to hear 'master' right after I told him not to call me that.

"Oh, of course, Uri!" he beamed.

I sighed and opened the door.

"Great. Now I'm gonna be late," I muttered as I ran down the corridor.

"Uh! Wait up!" Neko panicked, chasing after me, not knowing where to go.

Just my luck to run into someone as childish and annoying as him.

And to top it all off, I find out spirit forms are a thing?!! Is this a dream or something?

No, nightmare would be a better fit.

Ugh. I can tell already that this can't end well...

To be continued...💖

To be continued...💖 What would your reaction be to an adorable neko boi claiming to be your soulmate? ;) Rejection? Acceptance? Police call? Hugging the fluffball while squeaking 'you're mine now'? XD

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