An Artist Colors Part two
An Artist Colors Part two highschool stories

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"The Shining... The Shining by Stephen King" Collin then let's go of Matthew's chin, backs up, and skims the top row again. Finally spotting it, Collin reaches for the book, standing on his tippy toes and gets the book with much more ease than Matthew.

An Artist Colors Part two

"The Shining... The Shining by Stephen King" Collin then let's go of Matthew's chin, backs up, and skims the top row again.

Finally spotting it, Collin reaches for the book, standing on his tippy toes and gets the book with much more ease than Matthew.

Collin then hands the book to Matthew, feeling as if electricity ran through his body when their hands slightly touched.

They look into each other's eyes, Matthew waiting for Collin to let go of the book, to stop touching each other's fingertips, but Collin doesn't let go.

"Thank you" Matthew whispers hoping Collin will let go, but there is no sudden movement. Matthew had never felt like this, for anyone it only seemed to confuse him even more.

"Anytime. Just call for me and I'll help." Collin says sounding sincere. Matthew blushed, Collin had never been that nice to him, no one had been that nice to him since the first day of school.

"Collin! Collin, are you in here!?" Joshua calls out from the entrance. Collin faces the entrance seeing his best friend and smiles.

"Yes! I'll be there in a sec!" Collin yells backs at Joshua having the librarian yell at them to be quiet feeling annoyed, then he turns his face back to Matthew and whispers "I... I got to go.

Umm... See you in Orchestra then?" Matthew nods and with that Collin smiles and lets go of the book.

Collin heads towards the entrance and as Collin turns the corner, Matthew finally lets go of the breath he didn't even know he was holding.

Why do I feel like this when I am around Collin? Matthew thinks as he shakes his head maybe it's because I am used to avoiding him? and heads to his favorite spot to read.

Matthew then sits on the couch by the window, seeing all of the students out the window outside talking. He sighs, opening the book to the first chapter and begins reading.

Little did he know that after talking to Joshua, Collin stayed and watched him read from the distance.

Not much time passes, Matthew would guess ten, fifteen minutes or so, and the bell rings to announce it was passing period.

Matthew then quickly checks out the book and heads to his photography class. As he enters the class and takes a seat, Mrs.

Mayweather, the photography teacher assistant, was already taking attendance while Mrs. Clent, the photography teacher, and Mr. Clay, the theater arts teacher, set up the classroom for the day.

After attendance, finally, Mrs. Clent announces that they are going to be working on a project with the theater arts class this whole week and that they must cooperate in other to pass.

"This project is going to be worth sixty-five percent of your grade this six weeks so you cannot fail this assignment or you will fail our class.

We put everyone in alphabetical order between both classes and Mrs. Mayweather is going to read out the list so you know who your partner is according to the order while I speak with Mr.

Clay about how we are going to arrange you."

With that, she leaves to the other side of the room with Mr. Clay while Mrs. Mayweather started reading out the names.

Matthew ignores her for a while, not knowing who most of the students were didn't quite intrigue him to listen to. Until finally he hears a familiar name.

"Matthew Johnson and Collin Jones, Carly Lee and...." Matthew tunes out the rest of the names said. You have got to be kidding me.

Out of all of the people in the world, there couldn't be a person between us.

Matthew looks around the room, in hopes that Collin is somehow out of nowhere absent even though he saw him not long ago, and Matthew groans as he hears Collin call his name behind him.

Matthew turns around and to his luck, Collin is only a few inches away.

"I guess we didn't have to wait till orchestra huh?" Collin whispers making Matthew gulp and take a few steps back causing Collin to slightly frown but quickly shake it off and move on.

Why did he frown? It almost seemed like he wanted to be close to me but it can't be. Right?

"For my students, you will use your partner as a model and take photos of them with the types of styles I want you to do.

Everyone will have different styles and you have to learn to be able to communicate with each other to meet my criteria and the goal out of the whole assignment.

The goal is to prepare you to be able to talk to a person comfortably when you are making a photoshoot. For the picture to look as natural as they possibly can to get the best picture possible.

" Mrs. Clent says to us being completely serious, the most serious anyone has seen her before.

"For my students, you have to get to know your partner, learn their fears, their passions, their philosophy of life, know who they are inside and out.

At the end of the week, you will have to perform in front of everyone with Mrs. Clent, your partner, and me as your judges.

You have to make us believe you are your partner, that it is who you are deep inside.

The one who will count for the most points will be your partner's opinion because they know who they truly are the most. Mrs.

Clent and I will each give you a rubric of what we expect, that goes to everyone, the most points you will be able to earn is ninety-three points each,

the group with the most points will receive a prize.

Now, you will only be able to work on it in class for three days, Today, Monday,

and Tuesday meaning if you need more time you will have to find time out of school to be able to perform a good job the next Monday following after that. Any questions?" Mr.

Clay looks around the room, everyone seems to get the concept of the project, no one raises their hand to ask and no one looks too confused about it,

"Well if there are no more questions than you may begin."

Mrs. Clent and Mr.

Clay hand out the forms, once they reach Collin and Matthew they each get a rubric,

Collin gets a questionnaire to fill out to help him while Matthew gets the list of the type of photos and how many photos should be taken.

Matthew's eyes widen as he read the topic, Summer Vacation.

"Out of all of the topics possible, we had to get summer. It going to be hard to even make it look sunny. I mean it's Kansas for crying out loud.

The weather changes more than a girl changes her clothes." Collin laughs at Matthew since it's Matthew's job to work with. All Collin has to do is sit still and look pretty.

Collin looks at the packet he got and silently curses to himself.

"What is it?" Matthew asks curiously wanting to know what had disappointed the blue-eyed boy

"I have to fill this whole packet out with all your info and I have to dress like you when I am going to present."

"What's so bad about that?" Matthew asks confused since the task sounded easier than what he had to do.

"Well the packet has ten questions on each page, each response needs to be five to eight sentences, and there is a total of six pages.

Not only that but I am going to have to buy an outfit similar to yours because I don't have clothes that resemble your style, and I also have to get a pair of glasses that look like yours.

I'm going to look such as a dork, especially with my body build compared to yours." With that Collin finishes his rant with a groan, finally sitting down on a chair with his head in the table.

Matthew rests his hand on Collin's shoulder to comfort him as he whispers.

"Well if you want I can go to the store with you and help you pick an outfit.

I mean, no one knows my style more than I do and for the glasses, you can just wear mine, I'll just wear my contacts when you are performing so that I can see you."

"Really? You would do that for me?" Collin says with his voice muffled because he still has his head down on the table. Matthew chuckles and moves his hand on Collin's back.

"Yeah, I would... I would do the same thing for anyone too.

Now get up and come with me, you have to pick out the outfit you will wear for the photos while I pick out the lenses I will need and find the lighting that will most benefit out pictures.

" with that they go get ready and begin taking pictures. Time passes and surprisingly Matthew can get one-fourth of the pictures done in such little time because of Collin's cooperation.

They both agree to work on Collin's material on Monday and to split the time evenly on Tuesday.

"I'll see you next period okay?" Collin asks with a reassuring smile. Matthew nods in agreement and heads to Calculus while Collin heads to athletics.

Matthew enters the room and after the teacher finishes taking attendance, he hands out the worksheet of the new material so the students follow along with his lesson.

Matthew immediately starts working on it, it takes time but he knew what to do. Once he was done he sets his pencil down and starts dozing off.

Why is Collin nice to me out of nowhere? It must be that he is in a good mood because it's his birthday.

But still, I find it weird that he gets so close to me, it's like if personal space didn't exist or matter to him. Maybe he...

"Matthew, are you paying attention?" Mr. Peterson says interrupting his thoughts. Mr. Peterson can be so rude sometimes, interrupting my thoughts. That's the third time this week, oh well.

With that, he finishes his thoughts with a sigh.

"Matthew, would you like to come up here and answer the problem on the board since you seem to know about all the material we are learning.

" Matthew nods, it's not like he has a choice he has to go up there and answer anyways. He gets up from his seat and goes up to the board. Mr.

Peterson hands him the pen and Matthew looked up at the board and reads the question.

This isn't what we are learning if anything it is harder than what we are supposed to be working on. He just wants me to fail and make myself look like a fool but I won't let him.

If anything I will surprise everyone and show that I know what I am doing.

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