An Artist Colors Part five
An Artist Colors Part five love stories

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"Plus Charlie, even if it was easy don't you think he will get weirded out by me questioning his sexually now and not when we were getting to know each other. He'll probably think I am interested in him and will probably tell everyone.

An Artist Colors Part five

"Plus Charlie, even if it was easy don't you think he will get weirded out by me questioning his sexually now and not when we were getting to know each other.

He'll probably think I am interested in him and will probably tell everyone.

" Charlie takes the pillow off of Matthew's face and looks at him with the most serious look he had gotten in a long time.

"Matthew are you interested?" Charlie asked intrigued. Charlie was hoping he was, well she knew he was but was hoping he would finally admit it.

Am I interested? Wait, no I shouldn't be thinking that about someone I don't like.

Matthew shakes his head, "Interested? Charlie, what do you mean by that? You know we don't get along, we never have. He's your friend and my enemy.

It doesn't work that way, well at least not in the real world."

Charlie laughs, "Of course it happens in the real world, more often than you think actually. Plus, there's nothing wrong with you being interested, I mean maybe he's interested in you."

Matthew rolls his eyes, "Yeah right. Whatever. Well, I have to go home and get ready for that dumb party."

"So you are going and you are interested." Charlie smiles and Matthew groans. He gets up and heads out the door and out of the house with Charlie following close behind.

"Charlie, what makes you think that I'm even interested in being near him?" Matthew says rolling his eyes.

"Well, you don't deny that you are interested and you are going to his birthday party." Matthew groans at Charlie and her, well what he believed to be, dumb assumptions.

"I never accepted that I was interested in either. I just didn't say anything." Matthew starts walking towards his truck and opens the door.

"You not saying anything and you going is enough answer to me," Charlie says with her big bright smile willing her eyebrows teasing Matthew.

"I'm only going because of you and you know that." Matthew gets in the truck, closes the door, and starts the engine.

"Sure, that's totally why." Matthew rolls his eyes, his window wide open being able to hear Charlie thinking she must be out of her mind.

"Wear green," Charlie says with the hope that he will.

"You know I don't wear green." Matthew starts exciting the driveway making sure there are no little kids around in the neighborhood.

"Fine. Wear blue! At least navy blue!" Charlie yells at him as he drives off to his house.

Time passes and Matthew is standing in front of Collin's house wearing a shirt that is the darkest shade of blue he could find in his closet.

Why he choose to listen he didn't know but it was too late now. Matthew holds on to the box containing Collin's present with one hand and extends the other to knock.

But before he can even knock he loses his courage and draws his hand back away from the door.

Okay, all you have to do is knock. It's not that hard just extend your hand and knock on the piece of wood called a door.

Matthew, finally convincing himself and gathering all of his courage he had lost, knocks on the door and waits for it to be opened.

He had come to the party early, surprisingly, and the first person here since by the looks of it there wasn't many cars parked outside.

Matthew looks at his feet, tapping his foot against the porch waiting for someone to open patiently.

The door opens, Matthew looks up and sees Collin. Collin was wearing a very dark green shirt which seemed very ironic to Matthew that was wearing darker versions of each other's eye colors.

Collin steps aside, no words had come out of his mouth to say anything to Matthew.

"Ummm.... Where should I put your...." Before even finishing his sentence Collin pushes Matthew against the wall taking Matthew out of breath.

Matthew doesn't know what to do or what to say so he finishes his sentence

"Where," Matthew gulps quietly, his heart racing feeling nervous about what Collin might do. "Where should I put your present?" Collin looks at the box, his eyes holding anger and sadness.

Collin takes the box and places it on the couch softly and as Matthew is about to leave and get away from the wall Collin pushes Matthew back into the wall roughly.

"Why? Why did you do that?" Collin said as his hands start to tighten his shoulders having a firm grip of Matthew against the wall.

"I... I...

Collin, what are you talking about?

" Collin lets go of Matthew, backing away, and before Matthew could even get away Collin comes back and punches him full force making him fall on the floor as his nose starts to bleed.

"How could you huh? How could you make me seem like a fool?

" Collin gets closer to Matthew but Matthew backs away from him covering his nose with his left hand to prevent the blood from falling on the floor. "I thought that for once we could be friends.

That we could get along but then you have to ruin it making Joshua turn against me."

"What... What do you mean by making Joshua turn against you?" Matthew looks up at him, feeling confused and hurt.

Not because of the punch, which did hurt, but because he believed that they could be friends too. He was hurt because Collin didn't trust him and he was in pain because of him.

"I heard what you two were talking about. That he believes that I'm supposedly like you. Being around you was the best yet worst thing I have done in my life.

You changed me in so many ways, you have no idea what you do to me and you don't seem to care about me at all." Collin turns around but too late, making Matthew notice the tear rolling his face.

"I do care Collin.

How did you even hear us talking if you were across the parking lot far away from us?

" Matthew was so confused, no one possibly normal would be able to hear what they were talking about which made him feel uncomfortable at the thought.

Collin got close to him and Matthew hesitated, what if Collin would hit him again? What is he thinking when he is looking at him?

Matthew gets up, hand still covering his nose to keep the bit of blood coming from his nose from falling on the floor. Collin comes closer, making Matthew shiver and take a few steps back.

Matthew finally reaches the wall, his back pressed against it as much as he can to get away but Collin's face has a blank expression.

Collin gets closer and Matthew stands up tall to take the hit he was expecting.

Instead of a hit, Collin pulls on Matthew's shirt taking something off of it that he didn't realize was there until now.

"What is that?" Matthew whispers with a shocked expression on their face.

Collin half-smiles and whispers, "This a microphone. I have been listening to every noise that has happened around, every word said, and even every vehicle that has passed by you."

"Wait how did you even get a microphone on me without me noticing?" How? I think I would have noticed if he did.

"When we were in the library, I was whispering in your ear to distract you. You were too busy looking around to see if anyone was around that you didn't even notice me touch your shirt.

" Matthew shakes his head, it can't be, can it? But then he realizes that he felt something slightly touch him but just ignored it because Collin was in his personal space.

"Wait, but I changed before I got here. How did you even manage to get a mic on this shirt?" Okay, Collin is starting to creep me out.

Why did he even want to hear what I was saying in the first place?

"When you were at Charlie's, I told her to convince you to wear the navy shirt because not only is it the only one you have but you are easy to convince when it comes to Charlie."

"Wait but that still doesn't explain how the mic got on this shirt, are there two?"

"Yes and no it's a bit complicated," Collin looks the other way feelings quite embarrassed that he did something like that.

"I got Charlie to take the mic off of you and when you were in the restroom upstairs, she went downstairs and handed the mic to me.

Then I drove to your house, your mom let me in and I put the mic on the shirt because you tend to talk to yourself out loud when you are nervous.

I just knew I had to listen and figure out what you were thinking and in my mind that was the only way I could."

"Wait, Collin what do you mean sort of with the two mics?" I always believed I was heard but not like this.

What in the world? Why did Charlie even agree with helping him with something like this?

"I got Charlie to record the conversation you guys had. Once you left she sent it to me and I heard every word you two talked about.

" Matthew blushes, just at the thought of Collin listening to everything since that morning made him anxious.

"Collin, I... I... Why did you record me in the first place? Why did you want to know what I was thinking in general? You could have asked."

"I... I don't know I always found you so interesting and I knew that if I asked you wouldn't tell me everything. Did....

" Collin hesitates with the question which just makes Matthew the most anxious he has been in a long time. "Did you mean every word you told Charlie?"

Matthew hesitates, what is he supposed to say. Yes then feel embarrassed at his own words or say no then not know if maybe Collin is as confused as he is. "I... Collin I...

," Matthew shakes his head, You can do this Matthew. Just say the truth. "Yes, I did. It's just your sudden interest to talk to me just has me going crazy.

I don't even know what to do or say at this point."

"I think you shouldn't stay at the party. I think it's for the best for both of us to keep our distance for now until this whole situation dies down and becomes just some rumor.

" Collin finally leaves the wall and sits on the couch right next to his present.

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