An Artist Colors Part 7
An Artist Colors Part 7 mentioned-rape stories
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Flashback Continuation Ethan started undressing, making Collin cry and turn away from the disgrace he had as a father.

An Artist Colors Part 7

Flashback Continuation

Ethan started undressing, making Collin cry and turn away from the disgrace he had as a father.

He tried to free one hand from the rope and it didn't work but the other one was not as tightly held by the rope.

He tried and tried to release that one hand because his phone was on the nightstand right next to him.

While his father starts touching Collin's lower region he decides it the perfect time to release his hand and call the police while he was distracted.

Although he could have tried to hit him it was better to call for help than to try to fit off someone who could beat him.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, he takes out his hand from the rope and reaches for his phone. He couldn't reach it was too far but he still tried.

When he finally reached his phone he screeched in pain as he realized that he wasn't a virgin anymore. He cried in pain and finally calls the police.

"Please, please stop it hurts, please let me go!" Ethan punches him, harder than he had done before across his face causing him to bleed.

He tried to get him off with his free hand but it was no use, he was too heavy and strong. He tried and tried to free his other hand, causing his hand to hurt by the rope making his wrist raw.

He frees his other hand, takes the vase that was on the nightstand, and breaks it on his head. Ethan screams in pain letting his guard down enough for Collin to push him off of him.

He tries to run out of the room not caring about the pain because he knew if he slowed down there would be more pain.

As he is about to leave the room, Ethan pulls him by his arm towards him and place a gun right on Collin's temple.

"You better do as I say or I will shoot! Don't you think that you being my son will make me hesitate from shooting you?

Now get on knees and do as I say!" Collin stands there in shock, his father pushes him down on his knees with the gun pointed to his head.

He needed to get out, he wanted to be free and have a normal family that supported his decisions but instead he has a father like Ethan that would hurt him just cause he wanted to.

He would understand a little if he wasn't in his right state of mind drunk or high but he wasn't. He was sober knowing exactly what he was saying and doing.

"Please, please for once listen to me and stop hurting me." Ethan laughs like what Collin was saying to him was unreasonable.

"In all the years I've raised you, you never wanted to listen to me, you would run off to disobey me and talk back to me when I asked you to do something.

It only seems right that I get to not listen and do what I want now."

Collin shakes his head, how could have he been so unlucky to get a father like Ethan "You are crazy aren't you?

I listened to you after I apologized, I thought you had forgotten and forgiven me for my mistakes."

"You thought wrong, you're just like your mother and if you don't listen to me you will end up just like her." In that second something clicked inside of Collin.

Anger filled him up completely and consumed him entirely. At that moment he didn't care anymore, he knocked the gun out of his father's hands and picked it off the ground.

He got up quickly, loaded the gun, and pointed the gun straight at his head. Ethan walks towards him, ignoring the gun completely and pins him up to the wall by his throat.

Collin hears the sirens outside the house. Ethan tightens his grip on Collin's throat, mad that he called the police.

Collin could feel himself losing more and more air by the second and points the gun up to Ethan's head.

"Shoot, I dare you. I know you won't do it. You are weak, and just like your mother you will come down too." tears rolled down Collin's face, losing consciousness bit by bit.

His last thoughts are his mother as he pulls the trigger.

They both fall on the ground and Collin finally notices that the police saw him shoot but at that moment he didn't seem to care,

all he saw was a police officer asking him if he was okay and going unconscious.

End of Flashback

The memory finishes, Collin is surrounded by clothes and furniture all over the floor.

He realizes what he had just done, he took it out on his room and was sitting on the same bed his father had hurt him with blood going down his thighs along with a bloody knife in his hand.

Tears roll down his face not because of the physical pain he put himself through but because no physical pain could compare to the pain he was feeling deep down inside.

He looks down and reads the new word added to the list of words he had on his thighs, Boy. It hurt but he had other words that were longer that were on his thighs too.

The words Boy, Ethan, Listen, and Lisa. Lisa was the only word that was on his thighs that didn't cause him as much pain as the rest. It didn't cause him that much pain because Lisa was his mom.

After what seemed like forever, Collin convinces himself to get up and go to the restroom to clean his next cuts.

He enters the restroom and washes the knife along with his thighs to get rid of the blood on them as he takes a shower.

Once he gets out he put the knife back into the box just remembering it was the same one that his father had used to stab him before.

He opens the alcohol and cleans his cut only wincing once or twice because after so long he was so used to doing it to himself.

Not only did he have words but he also just had random cuts on his legs when he was just trying to get out of an anxiety attack.

He only ever cut words on himself when he was truly desperate and upset.

He finishes getting dressed and cleans his room to make it seem like nothing ever happened in the first place.

Washing the sheets and organizing his room neatly so his uncle would never suspect that he would do such a thing to himself.

He lays down on his bed, gets on his phone, and sees a text message from his uncle saying that he wouldn't get back from work until two in the morning.

So instead of waiting on his uncle like he usually did, he fell asleep, with his mother and Matthew on his mind.

The next day Matthew woke up anxious, had Collin meant what he said, or was he just messing with him to make fun of his reaction.

He was confused and couldn't wrap his mind around the thought of even liking him as a friend.

He should've known that it was too good to be true and that Collin was never going to change his way of thinking. That Collin was always going to care about what others think about him.

Matthew just shakes his head in disapproval at his thoughts, his feelings, and just overall himself and gets ready for his tutoring session with James.

He had talked with him last night and pulled up his address James had texted him and walks downstairs heading to his truck. He yells a goodbye at his mom and gets in the truck and drives off.

A few seconds later he gets a call from his mom and answers putting it on speaker right next to him on the seat.

"Hello?" Matthew answers as he drives down the highway.

"Matthew where do you think you are going? I was in the kitchen making breakfast for me and my only son but then I hear you say goodbye without even explaining where you are going.

How do you expect me to find you if I don't know where you are? As your mother, I deserve to know where you are.

If you don't tell me now I'll find out eventually, I have found you before and I can do it again."

"Mom, first of all, I'm driving. Do you know how dangerous it is to call me when I'm driving? Two, it's Saturday and I'm sixteen.

I am allowed to go out places and see whoever I want to see since I have my truck and I make my own money.

Finally three, I'm going to my friend's house to tutor him so he can improve his grades in Calculus okay? I gotta go I'm just going to his house.

I'll be home before six, I still have to go to the mall and get dad his birthday present ok?

Bye," Matthew hangs up before he can hear his mom complaining off the phone and turns off the ignition and opens the truck door and starts walking towards James' house.

What am I doing here? I'm at the house of a guy I just met that is a total stranger to and possibly be a psychopath for all I know.

What if this is a trap and got in agreement with Joshua to beat me up? Man, I really should have thought this through before agreeing to do something like this for a stranger.

Oh well, can't do much now I might as well go in and do what I have to do because I'm already here. Matthew stops debating between going and leaving and finally knocks on the door and waits.

As he waits he hear footsteps running back in forth, a pan falls on the floor and hears someone yell a curse word out loud.

He hears footsteps getting closer to the door and the door is opened to reveal James standing awkwardly.

"Hi... Matthew, please come in, sorry about the mess. My parents went out and told me to clean the dishes. As probably as you can tell I'm clumsy since you walked in seeing I dropped a pan.

Anyways, umm..... Do you want something to drink or even eat? I can cook something if you want?" Matthew smiles to himself and tries not to laugh at James.

He just shakes his head to signal he didn't need anything.

"Well..... Ummm... Let's go to my room and start studying, does that sound good? If it doesn't then we can just work in the living room if it makes you uncomfortable to work in my room."

"No... umm, your room is good it doesn't bother me where we are."

"Okay follow me then." James starts walking down the hallway of the big one story house leading Matthew to his room at the very far left of the house.

Matthew looks around taking in his surroundings, looking at the pictures on the walls seeing pictures of James, and what seemed to be his family.

They walk in his room it being a pretty good size and sit on James' bed and start working.

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