An Artist Colors Part 6
An Artist Colors Part 6 bxb stories

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Matthew walks closer to him and sits next to him, only the present between them, keeping a very small distance between each other. "A rumor? Are you serious Collin? Do you not care about your feelings? Our feelings? Is your image that important to you for you to hide away and let people believe what they want to believe?

An Artist Colors Part 6

Matthew walks closer to him and sits next to him, only the present between them, keeping a very small distance between each other.

"A rumor? Are you serious Collin? Do you not care about your feelings? Our feelings? Is your image that important to you for you to hide away and let people believe what they want to believe?

" Collin looks at his hands in his lap, Matthew shakes his head just at what they were going through, all of this just for a stupid image that wouldn't matter in the future.

"Look, Collin, I care about Charlie and so do you,

that's one thing we can agree with as people but if we are not going to be around each other if you are going to treat me like a piece of trash,

then fine but don't do it in front of Charlie.

Charlie doesn't deserve the stupid decisions we make to affect our relationship with each other, agreed?" Matthew looks at Collin, he can see the pain in his eyes but he just nods in response.

Matthew gets up, finally realizing that his nose had finally stopped bleeding, he lets his nose go and opens the front door to leave.

Before he leaves the door Collin grabs his arm gently which caused Matthew to stop.

Matthew turns around, now face to face, Matthew is trying not to tear up as he sees how much sadness is consuming Collin.

Collin looks okay but the thing that told Matthew he wasn't okay was the look in his eyes. You could see the tears starting to form but his face overall was expressionless.

"To answer the question you had about me when you were with Charlie is yes I am, I am but I am afraid of what others will say. I am still debating whether I like both or just one.

" Collin half-smiles and lets go of Matthews' arm.

What is he talking about? what question? Come on Matthew think and remember what you asked Charlie?

All of the thoughts were consuming Matthew but he asks nothing for that matter, not even to clarify his mind from the doubt he had about his supposed answer.

Instead, he whispers a soft goodbye and walks towards his truck. Collin closes the door and watches Matthew leave from his window. Once his truck is out of sight he finally lets a tear fall.

He runs upstairs with the present Matthew gave him and calls off the party saying it was a family emergency.

He takes his phone and immediately calls Charlie only to have Bethany, Charlie's mom, answer the phone.

"Collin this is Bethany, you need to come to the hospital right away."

"What why?" Bethany hesitates, debating whether she should tell him or not. "Please Bethany what's wrong?"

"It's Charlie. She couldn't breathe, she was like this before and the doctors thought it was just temporary but now they think it might be something severely worse."

"I'm on my way." Collin hangs up the phone, why out of all things did this have to happen to him on his birthday.

An hour later in the waiting room, Collin tries to calm down but the tears are just inevitable.

Bethany hugs him while Caleb, Charlie's dad, rubs his back and tries to comfort him with his words. Finally, after what seemed to be forever, the doctor allowed them to come in and visit her.

"Mom, what happened? What's wrong with me doctor?" Charlie says not hesitating to ask once they come into the room. "Please, Doctor I need to know.

" Charlie starts to tear up just at the thought of something terrible happening inside of her.

The doctor looks at her clipboard not even knowing what to say anymore so she decides to say her most honest opinion about the situation "Look, Charlie,

I'm going to honest with you and say this is not something you can easily overcome. We think we know what you have but we have to know for how long have you been feeling this way."

"I remember having a few breathing problems four years ago but I didn't care about it. It started getting worse and worse and now it's the worse that I have ever felt."

"Well we ran some test on you, we just need to thoroughly examine the results. You are free to wait in the lobby for your results.

" With that Collin and her parents wait for Charlie to get dressed in the waiting room and a few minutes later show up and hugs Collin for comfort.

They sit down just patiently waiting for the results.

Charlie looks around and sees two families,

one that is crying tears of joy because their only child was healthy while the other was crying tears of sadness and fear because it was the third time their daughter was diagnosed with cancer,

each time being a different one she had to overcome.

Collin could see the worry in her eyes and rubs her back for comfort. Time passes and everyone seems to get more anxious by the minute, more scared and impatient as time keeps going.

Finally, the doctor arrives and calls out Charlie's name. Charlie gets up along with her mother while Collin and her father follow close behind.

"I have bad news, your daughter has been diagnosed with terminal cancer" Collin stands there in shock, Charlie's parents burst into tears,

Charlie stands there in shock with tears rolling down her face. Collin doesn't know what to do, to comfort Charlie or to join her and be in shock crying as well.

"We have some treatment we can perform to help her live the longest she can. The longest she has is six months but that's if she and her body accept the treatment in the first place.

" Six months left. Why did this have to happen to her? Why couldn't have it happen to me?

"Collin I know what you are thinking and I don't what to do the treatment.

I don't want to do the treatment because I want to live my life without having to be in and out of hospitals all the time. I want to be free and not have to go through pain.

Before you argue with me I'll take the treatment for you and Matthew but you have to promise not to tell Matthew I have cancer.

If you tell him I won't take the treatment do you understand?" What am I supposed to say?

Say yes, let her live longer and not tell Matthew his best friend is dying or say no, tell Matthew and let her kill herself by letting it consume her?

"Fine, I won't tell Matthew.

The second you stop taking treatment even though you can still take it then I will tell Matthew got it?" Collin says with a stern voice to let Charlie know that he is serious.

Charlie nods, "Thank you for understanding, happy birthday Collin." Charlie says with a half-smile and hugs Collin.

Charlie felt a pang of huge guilt for ruining his birthday with bad news but was glad to have him by her side.

Time passes, Collin is in his room with tears rolling down his face but no expression is shown. He remembers the good times and misses them, he remembers his father and despises him.

He remembers his mom, knitting, and singing his favorite song but he also remembers his mom's funeral. Remembering all of the words said by the horrible person he once called father.

He remembers his mom yelling for help while his father choked and beat her to death. He tried to help but he stabbed him and almost killed him too.

He wished that they would have been able to prove his dad killed her but there was no proof. He remembers the day his dad died, beginning to sob just remembering what he wanted to do.


"Get over here boy!" his father screamed from downstairs. Collin runs to his closet upstairs and does his best to keep it closed tight.

He tries to even his breath but his heart is racing with so much fear, scared that he will be found.

"Where are you, boy!? I will find you, and when I do you will do what you were meant to do." Collin was hyperventilating, wishing, and hoping that he would give up and leave him alone.

He hears him close, too close for his liking, and gets into the closet the furthest he can away from the door.

He shakes, just wishing that he will leave and never find him but he knows he will eventually.

"Collin, I can hear you breathing. I can smell your scent in here.

You can't hide from me, you can't hide from me no matter how hard you try" Collin was just praying, even though he had a few doubts about God being real he didn't care for that matter,

not anymore. He was just hoping that by some miracle he would be heated and his father would leave. He was just hoping that maybe someone would come to his rescue but it was too late.

Collin had thought he had left and gotten up. He opened the door to take a peek to make sure it was safe but to his luck, it wasn't. His father was right in front of the closet.

He tried to close the door but he was too weak, his father pulled him out of the closet sending him falling on the floor.

"Please, please leave me alone. Please no, Ethan please don't hurt me, father please no, get away from me!" His father punches his face and kicks his stomach.

"Please stop, I beg of you, if you still have a heart in there then please stop." Ethan picks him up to his feet and shoves him, Collin trying to keep balance but falls anyways on his bed.

Ethan grabs his arms and ties him up to the bed. Collin keeps kicking and squirming but it's no use, Ethan had no intention of letting him go anytime soon.

"Now you are going to be a good son and listen to your father." Collin shakes his head, tears roll down his face with tears and anger.

"You were never a father, you only care about yourself! How are you willing to live with yourself when you do things like this?

" Ethan slaps him and laughs, sending shivers down Collin's spine about what is going to happen next. Ethan started kissing him and touching him in places he didn't want to be touched.

He screamed and cried for help but one could hear him. He started kicking and yelling at him to stop but he didn't. It seemed like he was just encouraging his father to keep ongoing.

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