Sagepaw's Promise Chapter 1

              Sagepaw's Promise

                      Chapter  1  non canon stories

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Sagepelt makes a promise to Starclan. But that doesn't mean he'll be able to keep it.

Sagepaw's Promise Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Sagekit stepped out of the nursery, his clear amber eyes shining with the sun rise. He peaked back into the nursery seeing his mother still asleep. Taking the opportunity to explore he quickly bounded across camp making sure he dodged any wide openings.

His whiskers twitched with excitement as each paw hit the ground. Sagekit darted under some bushes, successfully escaping from the camp.

The early light lead him away, leaving the camp far behind. Upon the fresh scent of mouse, he halted and dropped himself into a poorly formed hunter’s crouch. He gently walked up to the mouse and pounced, he missed it as the rodent zig zagged into the brambles.

The determined kit didn’t give up, he tasted the air and followed the prey. Sagekit, once again, came halting behind a mouse. He unsheathed his claws and used his hind legs to project himself into the air, taking full hole onto the mouse with his claws. It let out high pitched sounds as Sagepaw bit into it, surely scaring away all other prey.

The mouse was nearly Sagekit’s size, he picked it up and began dragging it back to camp. It was passed sunhigh now, he found a small, steady stream and drank from it. The cold water helping him regain some lost energy. The small tom finally made it back to camp.

He proudly approached a busy warrior, once the warrior spotted him, he yowled “Ashwing! It’s Sagekit!”. Ashwing darted from out of the nursery, Robinstorm quickly falls in line behind her as they come closer Sagekit begins to cower.

Ashwing rubbed her soft fur against Sagekit’s face, purring and licking his pelt. Robinstorm rested his tail at Ashwing’s shoulder, resting his nose on Sagekit. Hawkeye took the mouse from Sagekit, nodding to him in approval and acknowledgement, taking it to the fresh kill pile.

Ashwing lifted the kit and brought him back to the nursery with Robinstorm following, she put him down in the moss bedding. “Sagekit! What were you thinking? Where were you all day?” She asked sternly but with concern clearly in her tone.

Robinstorm began, “We were worried sick, not just use but,” He paused, using his tail to point at the nursery entrance. “the whole of the clan.”

Sagekit felt the guilt beginning to stab at his chest. He let his ears drop and looked up at his mother, who had a hard stare held on him, “I wanted to explore,” he said. Sagekit lowered his head keeping eye contact.

Ashwing sighed as her fur seemed to finally calm and flatten. “Okay,just don’t do that again,” she said sternly to Sagekit. “I won't!” he replied letting his ears rise and his head along with it. “Let’s go to bed then,” Ashwing said, hinting that Robinstorm could now leave. The two touched noses for a few moments before breaking apart.

Ashwing climbed into the moss bedding with Sagekit and gently wrapped her tail around him, keeping him sheltered from the cold. Sagekit nuzzled into her fur, letting the comfortable silence take him into a welcoming darkness of sleep.

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