Sagepaw's Promise Chapter 2

             Sagepaw's Promise

                        Chapter 2 oc stories

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Sagepelt makes a promise to Starclan. But that doesn't mean he'll be able to keep it.

Sagepaw's Promise Chapter 2

Sagekit woke to Ashwing’s scent, her soft fur tickling his nose. He yawned and began to pad out of the nursery. The cold rock under his paws sent shivers through his body, making his fur stand. His nose twitched as the scents began filling his nose, taking him into the medicine den.

Briarthorn, the medicine cat, came out from between the rock crevice where she stores all of the herbs.

Pinepaw came into the den yelling “Sorry! I overslept!”, nearly tumbling on Sagekit. He let out a yowl from freight, in turn making Pinepaw jump and swing her head around. “Sagekit! What are you yowling at!” She started. “You nearly squashed the poor kit,” Briarthorn replied, amusement in her voice, as Sagekit’s mewling had begun to stop.

Ashwing poked her head into the den, “What happened here?” she questioned Briarthorn looking at Sagekit. “Pinepaw scared him,” Briarthorn was cut off. “It was an accident,” Pinepaw finish nervously, her paw circling on the ground. She glanced at Sagekit “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scared you. Are you okay?” Pinepaw asked in a whisper.

Sagekit watched to medicine cats as they sorted out herbs and tended to some of the other clan cats. Hazepaw came into the den, hissing in pain, Bramblepaw and Windheart helping to lead her. All of the three cats having fresh wounds.

“What happened to you?” Briarthorn asked with a hint of anxiousness in her voice. “There was a fox,” Windheart started, her pale fur looked early white in the bright, sunhigh light.

Pinepaw came out into the den opening, cobwebs coiled into balls being held in her mouth. Briarthorn lead Hazepaw to a nest, scanning over her body but still allowing Pinepaw to stop any bleeding. “Was it just the three of you?” Briarthorn questioned them as Pinepaw tended to their wounds. Hazepaw mumbled something inaudible. Her pelt trembled.

Windheart looked away with her ears flattened and Bramblepaw gave a look of understanding and knowing to Hazepaw. “Hareleap” Hazepaw started “He…”

“He didn’t make it,”

“He didn’t make it,” Bramblepaw finished, Hazepaw let her head hang down. “I’ve already sent a warrior out to fetch him,” Windheart stated “We’ll hold a veil for him.” She says assuring Hazepaw, who has become silent and sulky, laying in the moss bedding as Briarthorn tends to her.

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