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lucifer Community member
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I'm strange, but nobody knows me here so I can be myself (I'm sorry, again, if I made mistakes in this one)

How I work

by lucifer

I love giving attentions, hugs, kisses

But I hate when someone do the same to me without asking

I'm happy on the outside

But I don't know how I actually feel on the inside

I'm often acting feelings

Like being sad, laugh, cry, smile. It's now a habit to smile even if I don't want to.

I'm empty

I feel nothing, I try to convince myself that I can feel something, but I really can't

I do things by thinking "if I dont do that, people will think I'm weird"

So I'm doing it.

If one day, you see someone smiling in inappropriate circumstances, before you think that he/she doesn't care. Maybe it's because he/she doesn't know how to react.

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