Tricky psyche stories
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lpenlow Slow and dark poems
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An old poem I made in high school.


Night is tricky with all its murmurs, and whispers, and mumbling voices; in doorways a face awaits.

With eyes that never blink a snicker reaches the peak and the mouth opens wide and darkness becomes aware of my thoughts, and dreams, and cries.

I tremble and shake with my irregular heartbeat, gasping and choking against deceiving breaths that are impossible to maintain.

Family and friends say my anxieties are nothing, that I should be over them. I agree with their truthful sayings, but what about those fears of loud noises, or speeding cars on a snowy night, or stairs that offer my food to slip?

It could just be possible that I am terrified of almost everything, but does that mean that my valid fears should be muted my others?

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