The Group of Moaning Foxes

The Group of Moaning Foxes fear stories

lpenlow Slow and dark poems
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I was once in a group, and there was a scary person there. I now carry a knife with me at all times.

The Group of Moaning Foxes

They are sex-crazed canines. They don't stop playing the same game. I want to go, because at least I don't scream. At least I don't make others feel useless, yet they act like I am. At least I try to start a conversation.

And I could have a better time by myself. Listening to myself get high off the thoughts of ecstasy than promising others I can get them high. I could have a better time asleep and dreaming of the demise than actually doing it, or hiding it.

It echoes. They move their bodies sensually. There's one whose eyes - the pupils - become crazy and nonexistent. And while not moaning like the rest, he's still the biggest fox of all.

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