Progress Report 12.29.17

Progress Report

12.29.17 mental illness stories

lpenlow Slow and dark poems
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"journal" entries

Progress Report 12.29.17

There are cameras in my house, like at work. I can avoid being caught if I find the cameras. That way I know where to avoid doing things my parents don't want me to do.

I haven't skipped a dose, but I feel like I have. I'm too scared to move half the time. I force myself to leave my room to go get food or go to the bathroom. Other times I'm pacing all over the house.

Sometimes I believe in the seven deadly sins, and that Gluttony has possessed me. For some reason I try to find fullness and the only way I know how is by food. Then I think of Buddha and how he denied himself food, and then learned how to control his desires. I can't. I want to be full. I feel so empty.

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