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lpenlow Slow and dark poems
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Disapproval's lies

(a bit of an old one)


Shining glass Reflecting light, My face in view of Disapproval Demonic eyes Anger and hate Unknown forces taking stance.

A painted smile With tape on top. Hands that tremble And freeze the skin. Red dots turn maroon, Surround themselves in cherry pink.

Ritual is interrupted, By a mother who sees a puffy face. My nails that hide blood underneath Hide behind me. The feet connected take my body Far, far away. Out of sight, Out of mind, Away from Disapproval's eyes.

They request my presence And point something out. A cluster of pain Sitting on my chest. A desire for longer nails Come so it may be possible I could dig it all out.

It starts to swell And so does the desire for a knife. Disapproval tells me to focus, To look, At the new horror shown - A face of horror.

Disapproval reminds me That scars are not beautiful on the face. That if I keep going, There is not a chance That my face will be like a porcelain doll's, But instead Covered in stitches. A ragdoll's face, Torn and broken, Fake and unkind.

I unlock the door and turn back. Look her dead in the eyes. Curse her for lying. Curse her for living. Curse her for poisoning me with lies. Curse myself for listening to her. Curse myself for getting drunk off the poison And high off the laughs.

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