Honesty is Best Policy

Honesty is Best Policy honestly stories
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lpenlow Slow and dark poems
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I love as much as I hate and I love the balance.

Honesty is Best Policy

Honesty is the policy I run by. Honesty is what I focus on. I determine if someone is good based on their honesty. I truly do.

I cannot stand liars, as previous sayings may suggest. If you lie, you cheat me of honesty and life and passion and happiness, and I'll despise you for it.

Do not cheat me, and I shall not cheat you. Don't you dare do it because you think you deserve it. Don't you dare.

I honestly love you. I really do. It feels good to say it.

I love my friends. I love everyone. I love people I trust. I love people I have tenderness towards. I love them so much.

And honestly, I don't want to scare away anyone with that.

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