Day to Night

Day to Night mental illness stories

lpenlow Slow and dark poems
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Day to Night

In the daylight, I want to shine like the sun. Rays of warmth and light being passed on.

In the daylight, I find pretty things. I find flowers, and colors, and smiles - a variety.

In the daylight, I find my reflection. Unrecognizable to me, I lean in closer to see frost on pale skin, but light in dark eyes.

In the night's dullness, I tend to think about who hates me or not - About who represents pain or joy - About who is laughing or sobbing.

In the night's dullness, Fantasies play. Scenarios of fighting, and chasing, and screaming - beating - cheating - hating.

In the night's dullness, I see her stare back; a frown painted on her clown lips, with hope gleaming in her seas of brown - and yellow - and hazel.

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