And the Rain Shines More Than A Sun

And the Rain Shines More Than A Sun thunder stories

lpenlow Slow and dark poems
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Another old writing from a few years ago.

And the Rain Shines More Than A Sun

We need Rain. I love Rain. Rain is peaceful. Rain's Negative is Thunder. Her weaker one is Lightning. They try to hide her beauty in horror. Pitiful.

I like watching Rain. She may cry alot, but she's so beautiful. She has her happy moments, when her tears are warm and you can walk freely in them as they drizzle. I like it when she has happy tears. They disappear so quickly, though...

Her sad tears fall too often. She's cried too many. The freezing tears that flood that one spot in your yard. The heavy tears that come in waves as the wind pushes them. Your favorite kind of tears that your mom or dad would never let you play in. Those are Rain's sad tears. They come too often.

We need Rain to be sad, though. We need for her Negatives to take over and bring a storm. We need Lightning to bring her startling images and Thunder to follow with his roars of insults. Rain fights it. She comes down harder. She comes down faster. She tries to escape. Rain's not alone with her Negatives. She has a Positive.

Wind makes her move faster. Wind makes her tears hit the ground harder. Wind makes her louder. Wind makes her stronger.

What ends first; Rain, her Negatives, or Wind? First, Lightning stops. She gives up. She finds no point in startling something that can't be startled. Second, Thunder ends his screams. He's not as loud as Wind and Rain combined. Third, Wind stops. He's done his part, so he can leave. Lastly, Rain. She calms herself down and her tears stop.

So, how did Rain beat her Negatives? She listened to her Positive. She didn't throw him in a corner with a cage and lock him up. She willingly obeyed him. Look at where she got because of that.

When you see a thunderstorm, I see a panic attack soon to be beaten. When you see a tornado, I see Negatives winning. When you see a flood, I see Rain going numb. When you see a rainbow, I see more of Rain than of the Sun. The Sun just gives off the light. That's how Rain shines in the end.

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