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On my love of summer 2016

Abby Baby

There's this girl, who just happens to see me. She's tried to talk to me before, but she was always interrupted. And then there was a day when a fox wanted to play, but he turned quite angry and the others said he was scary.

The girl was watching and stood in fear. I didn't realize that the fox was staring straight at me. But she noticed, along with others, and while one wolf fought the fox, I was then the one standing in fear.

The fox soon left, along with some others. I just stood there not seeing those others. The girl was watching from afar, and the wolf and I shared a fearful talk. We sat after we realized that the fox was not returning.

And then the girl sat next to me, apologizing and worrying. I didn't care for an apology as long as she and the others were safe.

We were soon off the topic of foxes and onto the topic of philosophy, on why things are the way that they are. But her apologies had sincere regret and had been echoing in my head, because I had stood there not realizing the danger

And then suddenly she wasn't there and I thought something was wrong, because I thought we had something that wasn't so weak at all. But when she came back, what could I do? She was interrupted again, and I wanted to go home.

But one day she wanted to make sure I was coming and I said, "yes." What embarrassment I felt when she saw me an hour later. And later she asked me out on a "date like thing." But I was scared that she wouldn't like me and wanted to stay home.

By the end of my shift I was ready to go. I walked into my house and went to my room, and I hope that she wouldn't mind anything about me like my clothes, hair, or exhaustion.

She was sitting at the window and my heart went crazy. I apologized for the wait while we both sat there, scared and awkward.

By the end of the night, two hours later, it's like we had been together for years. When she left I wanted to hold her, but she is so small, and fragile, and I was afraid to touch her.

The next Friday I saw her I gave her a note. She didn't see it at first, but cried when she opened it. She had asked me to be her girlfriend And I said yes.

There's this girl, who happens to be my girlfriend. I love her very much and I want to take care of her. I'm afraid that she will leave me. I hope that she doesn't leave me. I love her very much.

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