A Very Strong Euphoria

A Very Strong Euphoria sad stories

lpenlow Slow and dark poems
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I used to have good highs now I have bad highs.

A Very Strong Euphoria

My tongue is tingly and my throat is bubbling, like when you're about to puke.

The air sounds like classical music. The wind entering the car is Mozart.

My fingers are fluttering to the buttons. My mind is confusing left for right - down for up.

The seatbelt that's broken is choking my neck, but it really feels like a massage. The plastic on the car door feels like a soft blanket. His fingers on my back are velvet.

All the food I taste is ten thousand times better, except now something feels off. I feel so good. I feel lightheaded and dizzy.

I'm so sleepy, but afraid of death. So I don't sleep. I just stay out in the world, because it feels ten thousand times better too.

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