A Buddhist in God's Country
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"I am a Buddhist in God’s country - Land of the free, home of the brave."

A Buddhist in God's Country

I am a Buddhist in God’s country -

Land of the free, home of the brave.

I seek only to reach Nirvana,

Or what is commonly called peace.

In my time during this incarnation, I have tried to learn about different religions,

Such as the one this country follows.

It has led me to not be a pure Buddhist,

Yet I still don’t believe that any sacred text will save me,

Or avoiding certain foods will free me of sin.

Because I have learned some lessons from other religions

That my friends, family, and fellow strangers follow,

I have learned that to follow one religion is a trap -

To be pure to one lesson is a trap.

How can you learn if you believe you are a master?

This is why I’m Buddhist;

I may follow one path, but that path has many lessons to offer.

Religion is not something you’re born into,

Exampled by Siddartha Gautama,

Or as you know him, Buddha.

You may choose your own path.

I find similarities in Jesus and Buddha.

Both are very wise,

And both see the world as simply as it should be.

I cannot speak much of Christ, but I do know that Buddha ended his life with resolve.

If one does not wish to take an offer, one must not destroy themselves for it -

They must simply say no.

If one wishes to eat, they must not think of the consequences -

They must simply eat.

One is a necessity, however.

If one does not wish to love,

They must simply say no.

We are vessels,

And Christ’s children will call it false.

This is where we disagree.

Our souls harbor many vessels.

If we do not wish to pollute our current one, we say no.

What you call sins is what I refer to as bad karma.

However, what you call selfless deeds, I call good karma.

After learning lessons of the many religions,

I’ve learned that selfishness is good.

We are stuck with ourselves our whole lives.

Selflessness is only if we desire good karma -

A blessing or exchange.

To be frank, I call it “luck” in front of others,

But I do mean karma,

Just as one means “God bless.”

Some Buddhists believe that attachment is not a good virtue.

I as well need to learn this lesson,

Because when I look at you my heart soars

and I see yellow as brilliant as the sun.

And when you sit with me I wrap my arm around yours

and squeeze so tight so you don’t let go.

And when you fuck me a feeling of ecstasy fills my whole body like never before.

And when you told me you were leaving all of that energy dropped to my feet

And seeped into the ground.

It has not returned.

My heart flutters when I think I’ll see you,

Then crumbles when you say I can’t.

My eyes become blurry with an overwhelming heartbreak

Because I know you, too, are leaving me.

And as a Buddhist, I cannot hurt you, for karma will come for me.

So, as a Buddhist, I sit patiently waiting.

And as a Buddhist, I slowly detach from you,

Just as you do from me.

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