But Why Don't You Like Me?
But Why Don't You Like Me? self-esteem stories

lostinmydreamsDelving deeper into the unknown
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If you ever find your self esteem dwindling, please do whatever you can to build it up in a positive way. If you don't early on, you will end up not even knowing who you are.

But Why Don't You Like Me?

by LostInMyDreams

I've been told that I am beautiful, pretty and cute.

They say I have a great personality.

Rumor has it I am hilarious!

I am the captain of the dance team, and we rock!

In case you haven't noticed, I have brains too. Those As and Bs don't make themselves.

Everyone knows me, including you.

So my question to you is...

Why don't you like me?

Many years and heartaches later, my question was answered by someone who doesn't just like me, he actually loves me.

The answer was simple...

I didn't like myself.

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