Why do I keep trying?
Why do I keep trying? failure stories

loremasterSeeker of life’s truths and writing it
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The next last straw

Why do I keep trying?

My life has shown me to be nothing but a punching bag

A joke, where the rules of the world don’t apply to me, happiness, friendship, and love are all denied

Though every year things grow darker and more painful. The pattern never ever changes, some part of me lets me believe this time will be different.

A brief flicker of light in my eternal darkness of hope gets through

But just when I think I am being shown the way to a chance to feel the warmth of hope it blinks out leaving just the cold hard darkness.

My mind screams to the void “what have I done that you want me alone, dark, dead inside and only to be a joke or tool?”

All I ever hear in return is a laughing soft voice “because”

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