Peel a Meal weight loss plan
Peel a Meal weight loss plan comedy stories

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The gullible marketing Corp
(This is not to be taken seriously, seriously people)

Peel a Meal weight loss plan

Have you been trying to lose weight! Tried meds, plans, calorie counting, Atkins, low carb..

High protein, medications, herbal treatments, sweat away, shake away...

Hot pants, vibrating belts, grapefruit diets, banana diet, rice diet, tape work diet...

Dream away, water diet, every type but exercise and lower calorie method: that’s just silly to try.

Have none of these worked? Then we have the plan for you! Guaranteed to shed as much weight as you want as fast fast as you want!

Peel a Meal ( not endorsed by any doctor, hospital or sane human being or animal on this planet or other)

That’s right with only our non patented peeler ( they first laughed at us then threaten to call the authorities when we tried) you can get rid of unwanted weight right away!

No diet or exercise needed, maybe a tourniquet and blood supply and suture. You just peel away as much weight as you want as fast as you want (or are able to stay conscious)

See results instantly as the day literally drops off! (Disposing of fat may be an issue as the mess but it’s worth it right! Right?)

In minutes you can lose 1-40 pounds depending on your ability to withstand pain and not pass out! But it is fast and easy huh huh!

So for on 150.00 cheaper then diet food unless you do that ridiculous reducing calorie intake method! Payment in advance please. You will be on your way to a thinner you!

(This company is not responsible for blood loss, infection, death, arrest, incarceration, psychological committing, screams of people seeing this, blood damage to cloths or surrounding area, mental damage”of your trying this tour that already” or job loss)

If your peel a meal doesn’t work we will feel really, really, really bad trust us! There may be tears as we cash your check!

Please see our other products, home dental kit, lazy cheap laziks, electric potty trainer, and the ever popular “lightning fast” metal pole fishing rod! Cast and cooks fish at the same time!

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