GI Pet Feeding System Never cook again!
GI Pet Feeding System
Never cook again! comedy stories

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Never ending food supply

GI Pet Feeding System Never cook again!

Are tired of shopping for food, cooking meals or eating out?

Sure we all are so we at Bio GI industries have found your solution!!

GI Pet Food system! And it’s so easy too!

First swallow the anti stomach acid sponges and pills. Next swallow the somewhat easy to get through your throat, GI pet. Then drink 10 glasses of water a day and presto instant regrowing food source!

GI Pet is filled with micro seeds of potato and peanuts as well as fungus mushrooms and others we have yet to identify.

And soon, 2 weeks or so you’ll never need to eat again as you stomach feeds off the ever growing food from your GI Pet. Once a month you just swallow another seed packet to help it keep growing,

Do not use if allergic to nuts, mushrooms, toxins, starches, have stomach acid issues, difficulty swallowing, ulcers, may cause bloating, gas, death, gastroparesis, starvation, bad breath, things to grow out of you, hemorrhage ...

Hernias, anemia, GERD, dryness, dehydration, hyper hydration, reflux, loss of bowel function and insects in your body. For full 120 page list of side effect call 1-000-IAM-DEAD

GI Pet Feeding System the easy fast meal that may be your last!! Never eat again!

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