Damnitall the cure for everything
Damnitall the cure for everything comedy stories

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After watching 3 medication adds in a row

Damnitall the cure for everything

Do you have diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, high cholesterol, headaches, atrial fibrillation and depression?

Well our researchers have found through the healing properties of earthworms the cure for everything!!

That’s right just a couple pills a day of this miracle drug will fix everything and get you regrow just like a severed earthworm! (Earthworms not use in medication)

So if you suffer from anything just “bug” your doctor for damnitall and remind him we do give kick backs!

Take Damnitall and feel great again! Warning may cause: headaches, diarrhea, nausea, kidney failure, memory loss, demential, Paranormal activities, sleep terrors, loss of vision,

High blood pressure, low blood pressure, limbs to fall off, dry mouth, bankruptcies, fear or clowns, hallucinations, rapid pulse rate, COPD and 239 other possible side effects.

Stop taking Damnitall if you are allergic to the medication or use oxygen to stay alive. If you die please lower dose and consult you doctor on new dose options. Suicidal thoughts and sever depression can also happen, but that should take care of itself short after

Damnitall the final word in your health and medications!

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