A morning in my life
A morning in my life sickness stories

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Why I don’t know happiness or can relax, nothing made up!!

A morning in my life

1am fixed mother’s toilet

3am still up

7am other toilets overflows into the hallway

Start laundry after cleaning up hallway

Find out this is the last of laundry detergent

8am ish lighting hits the house blowing out a home theater system cable box and my work modem

8:40 after trying to repair everything have to drive daughter to camp

Find out main road is closed and have to back track and take dirt roads the whole way damaging front spring on car

Get home to internet issues, find out I may have to work on site if modem not available Monday morning

Go to get detergent and a splitter as a back up for work modem to find out it won’t fit as needed

Start coughing and feeling dizzy

Have trouble staying awake but can’t sleep feel beyond depressed and sick

Why does all this matter? I just worked 30 days in a row and I was told I need to take a break after 20 extra hours of work and having to take care of my barley Mobil Mom

I only wanted and needed a single day break but life laughs again at my suffering it never lets up. Please let me not wake up tomorrow

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