He Was Only Ten
He Was Only Ten self-esteem stories

lonethefirst Inept to start, hard work to part.
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This poem is based on a young boy who went about living his innocent life until dark perceptions displaced his trail.

He Was Only Ten

He was only ten

Playing around during recess

Not rattled when he made a mess

Dreaming of jobs he could take

A firefighter,

A chef,

A basketball player

Now that would be great

Learning all sorts from his supportive teacher

Eagerly waiting for the bell to ring

Ready to let his parents know about his day

What he did

What he ate

Back to school to do it again

But this time there’s an obstacle in his routine

Kids making fun of him, trying to be mean

Absorbing all the angst

Soaking in the spite

One day, he will have a successful job

Then, things will be right

His essence will not wane

He’s just a little grain

Making his own social chain

A tale regarding a 10-year-old boy's desire to triumph over his school bullies and achieve his own personal success. Others can try to bring us down, but your own will surrounded by loved ones is what can turn it around.

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